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How to make ANY business sound interesting

Am I not right in thinking – and I hope I am, that almost everyone thinks that their business is the best thing since sliced bread? Of course they do; and quite rightly too! You should undoubtedly be proud of your labours and take great interest in them, otherwise one suspects you are probably in the wrong business. However, it is the harsh way of the world that some professions tend to be more… well, interesting than others.

The best of online campaigning

Have you seen Breakthrough Breast cancer’s new campaign?   We love it. Not only because it was designed and built by our fabulous designers and developers, or because it is one of the most inspiring charities you can give to – but simply because it solves a problem. A problem, that in a few days, we are all going to have to face up to.   One of the age-old problems of Mother’s Day is expense, and your mother standing there and saying: ‘Oh no, don’t worry this year love!

60 Years of brilliance...

Do you know what today is?   Today is a very special day.   Today MAXX’s Managing Director and founder turned sixty years old. An accomplished Director of a fantastic and professional design agency: he has an incredibly creative mind and a readiness, we have discovered, to party.   As a significant birthday, MAXX of course wined and dined him and we all enjoyed an evening of excessive laughter!

Top tips on good writing, and getting you FOUND.

  If you are a good writer, people should be reading your work. However, in a lot of cases authors don’t get found because they are using the wrong techniques - or not using enough of the right ones. Here are a few pointers to help your work stand out.   1.)   Write with purpose. You need to write for a reason – if you have no reason to write your content won’t mean anything to others.

Exceptional blogging: 5 bite-size tips


Are you following these easy steps to brilliant blogging? Read 5 quick ways to generate traffic, and be a master of the craft before you’ve even finished your lunch…   1. Enthralling Title   Something eye-catching, compelling, engaging: your blog posts need to be different. The title needs to shine through the murky sea of Google results and suggest it can do one better than the others.

The BIG mobile CHANGE

THE MOBILE TRANSISTION: STARTS NOW.   The online world is changing. Rapidly.   Over the past 30 years, computers have changed from huge pieces of coded machinery, to brick-like Windows ’95’machines, to the streamlined laptops and PC’s of today - which are now rapidly being replaced by the likes of the Tablet and SmartPhone.

A Valentine thank you!

To say thank you to our followers and fans: Happy Valentines day!   Happy valentines   Be you client, tweeter, or a brand new wanderer onto our page, we would like to offer you a massive welcome and thanks on this 'highly discussed' celebration.

Great music marketing moments: Let's learn from it

Most artists, writers and designers all state that they work better with some sort of musical accompaniment – as it causes them to reflect and reach a deeper thought level.   The same theory is used in advertising! Music in advertising not only builds the brands identity, but also causes certain associations, for instance when you hear the jingle accompanying that well loved product or shop chain you like! An example: – when you hear Ernie K Doe’s ‘Here come the girls’, what do you think of? A fantastic 70’s jingle that just missed the charts?

Small businesses: Power of referral

Growing business – The power of referrals

  According to some reports, a referred customer is 400% more likely to engage in business, after landing on your page, than a new visitor.   It applies to everything: whether it be shopping online, research on venues, restaurant browsing or something else – around half of the newcomers visiting your site will have been referred there by some kind of trusted recommendation.

What a web developer can do:

Edible design - or an excuse for cake?

Design and social media aside, lets talk pudding. It’s cake Thursday here at MAXX – (therefore an ideal reason to visit us) and this Thursday the team were thoroughly taken aback by the gobsmacking beauty of this very pavlova. This morning we sat and demolished David’s (our very own junior web developer) creation. We thought, as a personal reward for such fantastic food – that this was definitely something to show the world. They say working at Twitter is a dream job.