Creating so much more than just a website.

Our digital team design and program effective customer journeys using their years of experience in UX. Whether you need a new website, a database driven e-commerce solution or simply help converting more leads into customers, we’d love to help.

Design & Build

We currently host over 130 websites and have extensive experience in the design and build of custom websites that are mobile friendly, fast, impactful and secure.


Selling online using an e-commerce solution has become a critical tool for most businesses. We will help you choose the right platform, UX and payment systems, ensuring your site is optimised for customers to checkout quickly and effectively.

User Experience (UX)

UX refers simply to the interaction and experience users have whilst on your website. With so much competition online, if a user’s experience is slow, confusing or lacks credibility, they will exit your website and choose to shop elsewhere.

Database & CRM Integration

For most e-commerce or enterprise businesses, it’s critical that your website is seamlessly integrated with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

We’ll help you ensure that information is accurately and effectively being communicated between your website and your internal systems to help your business run more efficiently.

State of the art Hosting

The next-generation MAXX containerised hosting environment offers class leading performance and reliability. Our network is constantly monitored and adjusted in real time for optimal performance. Every client is given unique, isolated and dedicated hosting resources for their website or project which can grow or shrink on demand to host websites of any size. All our hardware is top of the line and continually upgraded over time.

Whether we host your splash page or a complex application used by hundreds of thousands of people your hosting with MAXX will scale and provide better performance and stability than most of, if not all, the competition.


With MAXX, It’s personal

John Davies, Marketing Director at Smeg UK