Industry trends in video marketing that should impact your decision making!


Written by Chris Billingham, Content Director 

I love video. There. I said it. Nobody is in any way surprised but still, it feels good to reiterate it out loud every now and then! I love all forms of video, shaky handheld phone footage from concerts, animated gifs of teddy bears and video content that truly showcases a company’s culture. The latter can be tricky to get right, but is, in a world of remote working and meetings, more vital than ever. 

For an organisation to truly capitalise on video, it needs to be the right type of video. For them and the audience. This can be a difficult balancing act, especially when trends change so often. So what are the key trends to consider at this moment? And with so many different trends and types of videos out there – how do you know what’s right for your business? 

It’s (still!) time to animate 

The rise of animation has been a hot topic in video marketing over the last three years. Initially seen as a remote solution when we couldn’t get out and film in person during lockdowns, businesses now recognise the impact of animated content, especially explainer animations that give audiences a clear overview of a product or service. Hubspot states that 94% of people watch explainer videos to get a better understanding of a product or brand. 

The reality is, it is more effective to promote certain service offerings through animation, for example technical software and strategic services can be hard to showcase in live action. This could be because there isn’t anything tangible to film for b-roll or there are very specific shots required that can’t be found through stock video. Animation gives you the ability to talk through high concepts and create a narrative that takes the audience through your technology or processes. 

The audience is clearly then responding to this narrative and journey, according to Forbes, animated videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 85–90%. If you are looking to educate your audience on a product or service that isn’t easily photographed or filmed, animation could be the promotional tool that revitalises your marketing efforts. 

Live streaming isn’t just for Twitch, it’s for your business 

Live streaming technology and opportunities are more prominent than ever before. Given the rise of streaming on Twitch and other social media platforms, it’s easy to dismiss this as a tool for entertainment only. Especially as the Convia Conviva State of Streaming 2021 report shows that live streaming accounts for nearly a quarter of all global viewing time.  However, the evolution of communication tools such as social media and email shows that marketers are very passionate about taking systems initially used for social engagement and entertainment and turning them into marketing resources! Live streaming isn’t evolving to become this, it’s already there. 

Not only are organisations already live streaming, they’re doing so in a variety of ways. At MAXX we’ve live streamed annual conferences for remote workforces, independent school productions for international parents and more. If you are holding an event that could provide a wider audience with added value or want to showcase your company on a wider scale, live streaming should be considered a key part of your strategy moving forward. 

It is, however, vital that you make sure you’ve got the right crew on board. Two roles I consider absolutely essential are a vision mixer and a sound engineer. A vision mixer will look at the feeds from different cameras and determine which angle to cut to as your event unfolds. If you don’t have someone dedicated to this, you may miss key moments and the stream won’t reflect your event. A sound engineer ensures that the audio quality experienced by viewers at home is the same quality as those attending in person. They will be able to determine the additional microphones and audio equipment required to ensure this is the case. 

TechRadar reports that more than 50% of viewers will give up on a stream within 90 seconds if it is poor quality, highlighting the need to get the right crew in place to ensure the highest possible quality. 

Talking shop 

Shoppable videos are a live commerce solution that feature clickable links that give the viewer the opportunity to click and purchase the products featured in the video in question. They are key to driving sales and can be created on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. 

With a seamless user experience that takes engaged customers straight to a point of sale. It’s not surprising to see that Insider Retail report that 41% of viewers add products to carts after viewing shoppable videos. If you have an e-commerce function and are looking for a marketing tactic that can pull visitors straight to a product page, shoppable videos are a must. 

Careful planning, research and a strategic approach that considers the parameters for each platform is vital. On TikTok for example you need a TikTok for Business account with at least 1,000 followers to sell on TikTok Shop. For Instagram you need a Facebook Business Manager with a catalogue of products. 

“People learn in many ways but experience is the best teacher” – Dwight K. Schrute

Industry trends are important because they identify what an audience is going to connect and engage with. There is however a very real danger that businesses allocate budget to utilising a trend simply because it’s popular at that moment in time. Strategically meeting your goals is the only reason you should ever undertake any marketing activity. Using an experienced agency will inevitably lead to tactics and content tailored to your specific objectives. 

With 25 years in the game, MAXX works as a natural extension to your internal marketing teams. Keep an eye on our social media channels over the next few weeks as we delve further into video trends that could make a significant difference to your business including the rise of short form content, why nothing showcases your team quite like behind the scenes videos and top tips for subtitles. 

Me and the team will be talking through these subjects in our new video series. We can’t talk about loving video so much and not get in front of the camera! Especially when we have our new meeting rooms to show off…