Partnership: 20+ years

RingGo, part of ParkNow Group, is one of our longest standing customers. The RingGo logo was created by Matt our Creative Director back in 2004 and is still in use today.

We’ve worked with RingGo since their inception and helped them grow from 0 to 18 million users.

“Personally I think our relationship with MAXX and especially Matt has played a huge part in us gaining the market share we have within the UK. His creative and understanding of our B2P has always been what’s differentiated us from our competition.”

A large amount of our work has been producing consistent, cost-effective and engaging video & animation content for use across social media and regional marketing efforts.

Most recently, RingGo needed a campaign to encourage people to use their app post Covid lockdown and turned to us to get the tone just right.

We designed a series of ads focusing on different, emotive reasons to get back in the car and #ParkAgain.


Creativity at its best!

Gareth Buchanan-Robinson, Commercial Director at RingGo Parking