Introducing Josh


Hey, I’m Josh and I am the newest recruit here at MAXX! I am really excited to be working within our Marketing team as a Social Media Executive and work to go above and beyond to deliver for our amazing clients.

A bit about me…

I first started working in social media at the age of 16 when I launched my first business within the esports and gaming world. As a result, I learned first-hand the ins and outs of business and social media, and I realised how much of a passion I had for building brands and engaging a community online. I quickly learned that social media is a heavily results-based business and that I had not only to meet but exceed my client’s expectations to stay as competitive as possible. I was admittedly probably spending an unhealthy amount of time on my computer, researching and expanding my knowledge as much as I could. Still, to me, it was definitely worth it looking back. Fast forward 3 years and I have had the opportunity to work with some of the largest brands and influencers in the gaming industry where I saw exponential results and month-on-month growth for all of my clients! I also studied Business, Esports and IT at Queen Mary’s College which was a great help for me to go a deeper dive in my early career as they were all subjects linked to what I was doing at the time! I am really fortunate that I found my passion at such a young age because I now sit here at 19 with over 3 years of experience in social media, ready to take on the world of digital marketing!

Taking the next step with MAXX

I am so happy to be taking the next step with MAXX and I look forward to having the opportunity to apply my experience and expertise to the business as well as go out of my comfort zone to learn more about digital marketing in a variety of different industries.

From the time I have spent with the team so far, I can say that they are all absolutely lovely and that is so important to me! Being in such a positive work environment with a like-minded team, pushing each other to achieve our goals is only going to be beneficial going forward! Everyone has made me feel so welcome and I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to be working with! Hopefully, I will be able to make some great friends too!

Outside the office…

I enjoy watching football (although not as much this season with Liverpool’s current form) and playing games online. Additionally, I like going out on the weekends to socialise with friends and going to the gym to make sure I stay active outside of work hours. I also have a big passion for travelling and want to travel around the world, experiencing different cultures and places! 

I recently also wrote a blog for MAXX to discuss the power of short-form content for businesses in 2023. If you are interested to find out some of my thoughts on short-form and why I believe it is here to stay then feel free to check out the blog here

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two about me. I am so excited for the future with MAXX and cannot wait to develop not only our clients’ brands but my own skills as well! MAXX is the perfect extension of your marketing team, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch here: [email protected]