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The BIG misunderstanding about Social Media Marketing

The misunderstanding between social networking online and social networking face to face is long present in today’s world of constant 'dialogue’ marketing. However, you’ll find that both are equally as effective if you can understand them well enough. Whether you’re a twitter addict, and you find – like many of us – a smartphone glued to your hand each day, or you simply cannot stop talking, you are basically using networking techniques that are the same. The only difference is, one of them is getting misunderstood far more than the other. Let me explain.


Most of us: businesses and ordinary people alike - have figured it out by now. And if you haven't figured it out yet, your probably thinking about it. And what am I talking about? Social Media!   Social Media, once used by people for personal antics, has now developed into a new tool for B2B and B2C and is proving to be 'all the rage'. It is a way of keeping in touch with existing clients whilst gently reminding them of your ongoing work, and finding new or lapsed clients and impressing them with your activities as well as being quick and easy to find.

Make your business shine

Newbury-based printed circuit board company, Garner Osbourne needed an up-to-date brochure that portrayed the company’s position in the market place, to reinforce their messaging to potential and existing clients. MAXX commissioned and art-directed an intensive photo shoot of the whole manufacturing process, used image-rich A3 spreads with powerful typography and contrasted these with pages of information with documentary-style images that demonstrated the production process.

Ensure you get your money back

Sometimes, you can scare yourself a little when you take a look at how much you are spending – and even though a little voice maybe reassuring you they are necessary costs, the 'crazed voice of panic' sometimes wins over! For instance, the costs you spend on your marketing are essential – but its safe to say you're going to be wanting that money back – AND some.   It's important then, to have a strong marketing strategy in place. It may cost, but the return on investment is more than worth your while if you do it properly.

This is your LinkedIn bible.

LinkedIn now has a business network of over 150 million users and is four times more effective at generating B2B leads than Facebook AND Twitter. Despite its popularity though, it still remains a social media platform that is solely for people in business – this is why it’s crucial, if you’re going to look good anywhere – you need it to be on LinkedIn!

What's this? Rewards with Social Media?

Just recently you may have heard the terms ‘Klout’ and ‘Kred’ bandied around: the two new Social Media tools that have hit the virtual world. Despite having been around for a while, it’s only now that businesses and users are beginning to catch onto their uses, and what the benefits can be. But what are Kred and Klout?

The Cover Photo Craze

By now, everyone has seen the Facebook timeline cover, and everyone has expressed their opinions on it (we know it has been somewhat controversial). Whether it has annoyed or delighted you, a lot of people are combining great design with great timeline cover photos. The cover photo now being one of the main devices that separates the strong from the weak: a chance to show off how much flair and style your business has or how little- eek!

Campaigning in style

Take one bus…..   Recently MAXX were given a brief that not only tied in with the world’s excitement around a certain worldwide sporting event… (can you guess which one?), but also tested our design team’s abilities and creativity. A duo location technology company working in the mobile space, Arieso, had creative ideas for their marketing in quarter one this year – which we were thrilled to work on!   Our design and digital team were given an aim, a concept and a… bus! The London Olympic edition bus to be specific.