digital dashboard

“35% reduction in spend, 70% increase in conversions”

Why chase more traffic when you're not making the most of what's already there?

We place a big emphasis on conversion optimisation at MAXX to make your website work harder for you.

And we do it all through our digital dashboard.

Our digital dashboard integrates your core metrics from a huge range of channels to provide a single resource for your digital marketing output.

  • Traffic numbers and sources, segmented to the information you need
  • User journey analysis
  • Conversion tracking
  • SEO keyword rankings
  • Integration of PPC, email, social media
  • Custom reports from external resources to create a single point for all marketing information
CommunigatorHotjarGoogle AnalyticsMozGoogle Ads

We also provide heatmapping software to see where visitors click, hover and scroll across all
devices to truly understand how people interact with your website.

Client experiences from using our digital dashboard

Tailored monthly reports straight to your inbox

Whilst all this information in one place is of great benefit, what
really sets our dashboard apart from other analytics tools is the reporting we provide.

Our digital marketing experts continually review the data recorded
to provide monthly recommendations for you.

Discover what causes dips in traffic; where in your user journey
people are lost; or why your enquiry form has been ignored.


Like a demonstration?

If you are interested in seeing a demo of the conversion optimisation
dashboard in action, contact us on [email protected]

Data driven insights and marketing expertise make the difference.

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