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5 reasons why I wouldn't touch Autofollow with a bargepole

To autofollow or not to autofollow? That is the question. Autofollow is the much adored and equally loathed trend for your Twitter account that many people are currently using. But the question I’m asking is, are you using it for your business, and what are you getting from it? From the title, I’m guessing you’ve realised my opinions on it already. That doesn’t mean to say I’m not open to suggestions.

Did we Menshn the new Twitter look-a-like?

They say shoot for the stars: and that’s entirely true. However, when a Yorkshire terrier takes on a Rottweiler, there is, 90% of the time going to be a clear winner. From a personal perspective– this is how I feel about the new Social Media site Menshn.

Read your Social Media's success

(Make sure you pick up your easter egg letter at the bottom of the page!) It’s all very well Tweeting, Facebooking and Blogging to your hearts content: thinking that all of these activities combined are improving and gaining you business. But what you really need to be doing, to save you from wasting precious time – is measuring the activity.   You may have noticed already, as the new Timeline has made Facebook Insights far more apparent.

Make an impact, bring results – websites that work for your school

Your school website is often the first place a prospective parent or student will go before coming to take a look around. It needs to capture the essence of your school and to make an emotive connection with the visitor. Ideally the website should make a real impact and encourage the visitor to take action whether to explore the website or to book a visit.  

Social media marketing

Understanding social media networks Social media marketing According to the latest social media benchmarking report from Circle Research, only 25% of companies have defined a social media strategy. But 76% have plans to boost their social media activities over the next 12 months.

Social media marketing


We've just stumbled across a great new smart phone app that could help to re-invigorate print advertising and blend the traditional and digital worlds together. Blippar describes itself as a "magic lens to the world.