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5 Social Media Marketing Predictions For 2015

Social Media is here to stay, whether we like it or not, and it holds a very important piece of the puzzle for the future of marketing. Of course, we cannot predict the future for certain but we can have fun trying, so we’ve compiled 5 predictions that we think hold a lot of weight for 2015. Sit back, relax and enjoy!  

How your choice of colour reflects you and your business

MAXX has recently had a number of discussions with its clients about colour including what colour a logo should be. The truth is every colour has its own meaning and every colour will create different reactions from individuals and organisations. When it comes to logos; for example, certain colours are used to represent different ideas. MAXX has covered some of the main colours you'll come across in the article below, and goes into detail about what each of these represent.  

4 useful apps for business

Technology is the way forward and is also becoming an integral part of business. Of course, as time passes and technology evolves, we are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way we market ourselves: from websites, to responsive design, mobile sites and now… apps. Apps are rapidly making their way into everyday life, so why not utilize some of these fantastic apps for your business? I have compiled some of the best apps that I think might be useful.

Direct Mail isn’t Dead

Marketing through digital technology has become increasingly popular over the last decade; with many businesses opting to use social media and email campaigns to retain customers and generate leads. Whilst MAXX is very proud of the digital campaigns successfully produced for our clients, we also know that there is still very much a place for postal campaigns. Direct mail isn’t dead! In fact, far from it.   One of the key stumbling blocks companies reach when discussing direct mail campaigns is cost.


Successful e-commerce requires a focused and visually appealing website that potential customers feel they can trust. MAXX recently had the opportunity to design and build a brand new e-commerce website for Barjo, a well established and trusted Berkshire-based company that tailor makes bespoke kennels and guards to fit perfectly in nearly every make of car available in the UK market.

Back to Fonts

As technology continues to grow and the editing of images becomes easier, designs of websites or other marketing materials have become focused on images. What many are forgetting is that the text on a design is part of the visuals, the simple decision of what font to use for your copy can make a huge difference to how the finished product looks. We need to go back to fonts and take a look at how important they can be.

What exactly is a Hashtag? #Hashtagquestions

Last year ‘Market Probe International’ conducted a survey, which showed that 85% of followers feel more connected with small businesses after following them on Twitter.   One word that comes up in every training session and meeting that we hold with clients regarding Twitter is ‘Hashtags’. Whether it’s questioning how to use them effectively or pondering what they are, one thing is for sure – the symbol # has a brand new 21st century meaning.   Hashtags are essentially a word or phrase prefixed with # - the hash symbol.

Let's talk about social media around the world

Recently, MAXX was invited to speak at an international conference in Athens organised by our clients and friends, UNiBA Partners. That meant that I (poor me) was flown out Friday morning to the beautiful Divani Carol Hotel in the city centre (can you imagine?) to meet with 80+ of some of the globes most successful insurance agents.   Of course, I am a firm believer in social media and what it can achieve in terms of ROI and business growth. It’s an approach I adopt with MAXX work and client work, as well as in training. Why? Because if you know how to use it, it works! That’s why.