QARNNS – A transformation


As it nears Christmas, MAXX gets to reflect on some of the amazing projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on this year. One project of particular note was working with Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service – betters known as QARNNS. We were lucky enough to work on their brand new website earlier this year.

QARNNS is the Royal Navy’s medical service – they have around 300 qualified nurses that actively serve in offshore and onshore operations, and in peacetime they help current and ex members of the Navy with primary, secondary and mental healthcare. In short – they are an amazing service with personnel that work hard all over the world to ensure the Navy’s wellbeing and healthcare. Not only this but they are a close knit organisation and charity, focussed on raising funds and keeping in touch with their communities and Alumni as well as recruiting more nurses to help around the world.

Unfortunately, the original QARNNS website was not able to serve its purpose, was difficult to update or personalise in any way and did a poor job of depicting the incredible work the QARNNS staff do on a daily basis. They needed a site that they could update easily: and that represented what they did; giving the organisation a contemporary look and feel they could be proud of.

The MAXX team got to work and built a site with a Drupal CMS that is painlessly easy to update. The site integrated the QARNNS community blog so that all personnel can add posts and pictures to at any time. Working with the QARNNS team, MAXX based the site on strong, bold imagery that really stresses the work they do and keeps them looking fresh and exciting. MAXX made sure that the imagery and navigation emphasised their three main areas of operation – specialist nursing, maritime operations, and recruitment.

All in all QARNNS were a thrilling organisation to work with: not just because of the amazing work they do, but QARNNS also were able to give the MAXX team a lot of creative freedom and working room, that we feel has helped to create the best site possible. Check out the stunning new site here – and even take a look at the old!

Everyone at MAXX wishes you a happy Christmas. If you need to revamp your site in 2016, or are looking for a brand new look and feel, get in touch with MAXX and we’ll help you build the site that is right for you. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!