The SEO Race: Don’t Lose Too Much Sleep Over It

The importance of search engine optimisation cannot be stressed enough. There are plenty of stats to be reeled off around the number of web sessions starting with a search and the page one drop-off. Even those with little idea of what SEO is can appreciate its benefit, purely based on their own online behaviours.

With the value placed on search engine rankings, a whole generation of SEO experts have entered the workplace, constantly looking for any incremental gains that could propel them up a place or two in the continual race for search engine nirvana: page one, number one.

It’s Just Like Bacon and Eggs: Getting the Right Mix with Integrated Marketing

If you’ve attended a marketing focused meeting in the past few years, chances are you would have heard the word “integrated” used on a number of occasions, whether its, “how do we make this integrated” or “it needs to be integrated”. However this isn’t the boardroom waffle it may sound like - integration is the key to marketing success!

Some things just work better together. Batman and Robin. Simon and Garfunkel. Bacon and Eggs. Liked alone, but loved together; the result is better than the sum of the parts. And that’s the secret to integrated marketing.

6 best Christmas campaigns of 2015

Yep – it’s that time of year again! The time you’ve been waiting for – where MAXX wraps up the best moments of the festive season and shares with you the best adverts that have excelled themselves creatively. Some of them had mixed reactions, positive and negative – but they are, in our opinion, the ones that have made the biggest impact this year.  

Are you getting the most from your PPC campaigns?

PPC – or you may know it as ‘Pay Per Click marketing’, has been around for many years, but many businesses are still yet to use it. At MAXX we frequently find that clients are keen to know more about PPC: what it is and how it works. So, should you be using it & will it benefit your business? Hopefully this will help you decide if you are missing a trick regarding PPC.

The making of 'brighten your day'

You may have spied our brand new video this month: a marketing video with a twist. We wanted to make something different – something rarely seen or done and something that stood out in a fun, creative and different way. Having made promotional videos before to help boost our marketing – we needed something that stood out from standard videos, case studies and talking heads - and in order to do this, we decided to create our very own MAXX animation. MAXX advocates the use of video and truly believes video is effective for business.

Apple Pay UK Launch – Your New Mobile Wallet

Earlier this morning the UK was introduced to the Apple Pay service, much anticipated following the launch of Apple Pay in the US in October 2014. This service allows iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch users to pay at select retailers for their purchases wirelessly, using their devices. Payments can be made up to £20 for a single transaction (much like contactless payment credit/debit cards currently).

Is augmented reality viable for your business?

Technology has advanced a great deal over the last 10 years; things that would have seemed impossible a while ago are now our reality. Most people now carry around a pocket computer (your smartphone) and 2015 is set to accelerate the wearable tech market even further. So, where does augmented reality have a place in the business technology war?