Direct Marketing

Direct Mail isn’t Dead

Marketing through digital technology has become increasingly popular over the last decade; with many businesses opting to use social media and email campaigns to retain customers and generate leads. Whilst MAXX is very proud of the digital campaigns successfully produced for our clients, we also know that there is still very much a place for postal campaigns. Direct mail isn’t dead! In fact, far from it.   One of the key stumbling blocks companies reach when discussing direct mail campaigns is cost.

Is your marketing game? How to gamify your marketing

You know that feeling you get when you’ve been challenged? It’s a motivational and inspirational feeling that reaps results. It’s also what inspires people to make crucial decisions. It wins business, it creates great work and happy clients. But how do you stir this feeling within your clients? The answer is simple.

Campaigning in style

Take one bus…..   Recently MAXX were given a brief that not only tied in with the world’s excitement around a certain worldwide sporting event… (can you guess which one?), but also tested our design team’s abilities and creativity. A duo location technology company working in the mobile space, Arieso, had creative ideas for their marketing in quarter one this year – which we were thrilled to work on!   Our design and digital team were given an aim, a concept and a… bus! The London Olympic edition bus to be specific.

Start email marketing for your business

Q: We want to start doing some email marketing but we’re not sure how to start. Can you give us some tips? A: Yes, we can offer a choice of email marketing options depending on your needs. Email marketing is great for generating sales leads, keeping your customers updated and your prospects ‘warm’. As systems become more sophisticated, it means email marketing can work harder for your business.

Q: How can I generate some leads quickly?

generating leads A: Direct mail. Direct mail is a great way to reach your audience directly and start generating leads. To be effective you should: - Use a good quality mailing list – preferably one you’ve created in-house - Provoke a reaction (e.g.