“I wouldn't work with anyone else”

Safe, secure and totally reliable

Our hosting offering eclipses any other dedicated offering in a comparable price band.

As well as building your website, we also offer the option to host it. We use only the fastest and most reliable hosting infrastructure available. 

Leveraging the proven reliability of Rackspace and the expertise of our infrastructure management partner, we are able to offer market-leading performance hosting for projects of any size and scale.

We regularly upgrade our infrastructure (last upgrade July 2018) to use the latest available hardware and software so you can always be assured you are receiving the highest level of service. 

And not to mention super fast!

Our infrastructure management partner is a CloudFlare partner. CloudFlare is a service used to dramatically improve website performance whilst enabling a secure barrier that provides complete DDoS protection and web threat blocking.

Sites that are enhanced and protected with CloudFlare have their static files cached globally around the world on their world-leading network which can reduce page load times to your visitors by as much as 400%.

The additional speed benefits, not to mention the DDoS protection and threat blocking, is also a proven aid to SEO listings. 

All these qualities help your site run faster and more effectively.

Hosting in detail

  • Our provider is Rackspace through a private and managed cloud
  • 24/7 hardware support (from Kovalent)
  • Hardware SLA (same as Rackspace), fully managed - 100% network uptime, 1 hour response time, 1 hour replacement window
  • Full hardware and software stack monitoring to ensure uptime
  • Engineers alerted within 3 minutes of any outage

    Security and redundancy

    • Fully redundant hosting platform, adaptable network and services to minimise downtime
    • Scaling on demand for maximum reliability
    • 6 hourly local backups and daily offsite backups for total data security
    • Isolated storage to enhance data security
    • Full DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection (with Cloudflare)
    • Automatic adaptive and proactive security and threat detection, prevention and monitoring (with Cloudflare)