Let’s talk digital… Website Reskins

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Let’s talk digital… Website Reskins

In Digital, we love new projects, no day is ever the same! We can be working on a websites SEO one minute, creating homepage banners the next, knowing you have a website rebuild immediately afterwards. We thrive on the variety of work we have every day, and love to let our creativity go wild!

Digital trends are constantly changing and it's so important for your website and digital presence to stay up to date, which is exactly why we love reskins! For anyone unfamiliar, this is when we take an existing site and give it a fresh coat of paint and bring everything up to date. We review analytics reports and user journeys, but also consider subjective opinion to help form the idea for the new design.

A brilliant example of this is the reskin we recently conducted for Highclere Castle, taking their homepage, adding some of James’ creative magic and website wizardry (technical term) with the aim of making huge improvements to their visitor experience and increasing click through’s to the rest of the site.

One of the main things we look at carrying out a reskin on a website is…

“What is your website not doing?”  ... Which lead us onto the question...
 “What can we do to make it better?”

Importantly, we always consider the customer in all their many guises and what they want to get from the site. In the case of Highclere Castle, its homepage had remained unchanged since it was originally built in 2015, so it was certainly time for a change! With the web now being very much “full width”, and the use of big, high quality images becoming more and more common, we re-worked the main rolling banner images really making the amazing images really stand out!

We love our micro interactions in digital, and decided this was the perfect time to stretch our legs and take it a step further. With a shrinking header when scrolling, dynamically sizing icons above the fold and a sliding reveal section for featured events and content, this is by far one of the most interactive websites in our portfolio.

All of this implemented with the aim of driving users to the more important sections of the site, such as Opening times, Tickets & Pricing, and Events.

We are happy to report all this hard work more than paid off! Within the first month of launching the reskin, we saw some brilliant results:

  • Page views increased by 9%

  • Total users increased by 3%

  • Homepage bounce rate decreased by almost 7% (and still decreasing)

  • New visitors up by 3%

… thanks to some excellent stats and site analysis by our Digital Communications team… You can find out more about them here.

Also, as a result of the Highclere facelift, the Highclere ticket site saw a HUGE uplift in page views and visitors when the new look went live… talk about a win win!

We also love the new improved mobile experience with mobile views on the web increasing all the time, its so important that things continue to look amazing when you are on the move. Pick up the phone and check out https://www.highclerecastle.co.uk/

We love a challenge in Digital, and enjoy the success we have achieved for Highclere by creating an awesome design, and throwing in some front end magic.

Do you have any questions about our website services? Or perhaps you are currently looking at refreshing your website? If so please get in touch with us on 01635 521224 and ask to speak to a member of the digital team, who will be more than happy to help you out!