Integrated Campaigns

“Stunning – the best campaign we’ve ever had!”

the key to MAXX Design's marketing campaigns is integration between online and offline, combining social media, email, direct mail and calling from the business development team to discover and progress leads into a serious business pipeline

The sheer amount of noise created by multiple marketing channels is making it difficult for a single tactic to make its way into the prospects psyche.

That’s why our marketing experts create strategic, multi-channel integrated campaigns in order to hone in on the target prospect. Utilising our digital and design teams, we create a cocktail of email, social media, direct mail, landing pages and more to create a campaign that blows the socks off the competition: and crucially, attracts prospects!

By making campaigns integrated, we provide multiple touch points so the audience has heard of you and your business before that silver bullet is fired, By conducting comprehensive campaign workflows, we carefully plan the delivery and follow-up, so you know what’s happening and when. Our integrated campaigns, particularly those featuring direct mail, are highly creative and memorable to ensure that when it’s time to buy, you are the prospects first port of call.