GDPR Compliance

MAXX has undertaken internal research and an external auditing process to ensure that all activity we undertake is compliant within GDPR legislation introduced in May 2018.

For example, ICO guidelines state that “GDPR specifies what you need to tell individuals when you collect personal data from them. There are some types of information that you must always provide, while the provision of other types of information depends on the particular circumstances of your organisation, and how and why you use people’s personal data”.

MAXX has detailed this information and our reasoning for sending you our latest marketing campaign below:

Key Information

Our response

Name and contact details of organisation

MAXX Design Ltd
2 Toomers Wharf
Canal Walk
RG14 1DY

Marketing enquires: Catherine Jenkins

Data protection enquires: Jackie Blaker

The lawful basis for processing your data

Legitimate interest

The purpose for MAXX processing your data and legitimate interests for the processing

We have processed this data because our research  has highlighted that we have experience working with similar companies and we feel we would be able to provide you with marketing services that could help you increase brand awareness and generate income.

The categories of personal data obtained

We have obtained personal data (name, job title  and email address if publicly available on your website)  and data relating to your organisation (address).  All data relates to business activities.

The recipients or categories of  recipients of the personal data

This data has only been shared with individuals or external companies related to creating this  campaign. These include MAXX and Punch!  

The details of transfers of the  personal data to any third countries  or international organisations

No other transfers will take place for this campaign.

The retention periods for the  personal data

We shall keep your personal data for 12 months.  If we have not had any response from you or your  organisation within that time we will delete this data.

The rights available to individuals  in respect of the processing

You have the right to object to direct marketing.  To do so please contact Jackie Blaker by emailing  [email protected]  or calling 01635 521224. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

The right to withdraw consent

As discussed this campaign was sent on the basis  of legitimate interest not consent. Therefore there  is no right to withdraw consent but as discussed  above you do have the right to object.

The right to lodge a complaint  with a supervisory authority

You have the right to lodge a complaint. Please  see our privacy policy for more information.

The source of the personal data

We have sourced this data from research on  publically available sources including your company website and LinkedIn.

The details of the existence  of automated decision-making,  including profiling

No automatic decision making or profiling  is taking place.

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