“Increased total conversions by 10% with a 30% reduction in PPC spend”

Client successes from using Pay Per Click

Our approach to PPC

PPC can be a costly exercise (to get wrong). To make the most of your budget we target the keywords most relevant to you and track what terminology triggers conversion to report on your return on investment.

It’s not uncommon for people or even some marketing agencies to talk about ‘SEO and PPC’ but to us, they are two completely separate disciplines.

Not only are the skills required to execute each very different, but also the reasons for using one or the other.

If you need instant results, PPC (pay per click) is the one for you. It might be a new product range just being launched, or a time sensitive advertisement; PPC gives you the opportunity to rapidly reach the top of the search engines for a specific period of time.

Our focus areas within PPC management are:

  • Logical campaign and ad group structure
  • Conversion over clicks when evaluating keyword performance
  • Considered landing experience, tailored ads and extensions to earn our way to the top rather than pure bidding
  • Impression share report analysis to guide PPC management and changes

And importantly... help you to improve your ROI

Already using PPC?

If you’re already using PPC but want to improve your ROI, let us run an audit and provide advice on how to get your campaigns flying. Contact us on [email protected].

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