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Does location matter when choosing the right agency?

Does it matter to people where their chosen agency is located?
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Young Enterprise – inspiring young people

By Catherine Jenkins
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Charity Marketing



Charity Marketing; going beyond likes to drive donations

By Jennifer BaggaleyCharities need to advertise.
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Helping to deliver Topcon’s vision at Optrafair

By Jennifer Baggaley 
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Should your business really be 'Mobile First'?

There’s a lot of talk and marketing buzzwords about the need for business marketing output and general customer engagement to be ‘mobile first’.

Unlike many a buzzword, there are some pretty solid facts behind this. Recent reports indicate that mobile and tablet devices now account for 57% of search queries. With mobile web experiences improving and the introduction of super-fast loading speeds with AMP content, this figure is only set to grow.

Has Taylor Swift taken it too far in the PR department?

The run up to Taylor Swift dropping her new single has been an interesting social media journey to follow.

To start with, the day of the total solar eclipse in the United States (21st August) Taylor wiped clean all of her social media accounts so her 95.4 million Twitter followers, 102 million Instagram followers and 838,458 Facebook friends were left at a loss as to what had happened, had she been hacked? Was she taking a break from social media like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber? Or was she simply just trying to upstage the eclipse?

Closed loop – the DNA of pharma marketing

Here, Kieran Bourke, Commercial Director, MAXX Design, presents the case that pharma companies need to adopt an integrated approach to marketing that considers website analytics and sales data as well as other marketing information, in order to produce results. Closed-loop marketing is an increasingly popular approach explored in more depth in this blog, written specifically for pharma marketers who are looking to effectively engage with busy healthcare professionals.

Getting social with Topcon

Topcon, a leading optical instruments manufacturer, has worked with MAXX for many years on design and printed materials, and for its support for its key annual trade show, Optrafair. One other area where we have been able to help the company is in developing a strategy and delivering social media for Topcon in the UK. 

Pharma marketing compliance – a headache resolved?

Britannia Pharmaceuticals needed a way to review and approve marketing materials quickly and efficiently whilst adhering to strict compliance rules and maintaining an audit trail. Britannia asked us to build a bespoke system that would deliver the functionality needed, whilst being easy to use by in-house staff and external compliance and medical experts.

GDPR: About time it's spelled out

Have you heard of GDPR?

If you hold any customer data in any form, chances are you have. If you haven’t, you’re fortunate, as that means you’ve not been trying to piece together the logistical nightmare it is becoming.

Being busy is killing our ability to think creatively

When was the last time you stopped, sat down and did literally nothing? And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. No phones, no tablets, no TVs, nothing. Chances are you can’t remember. In an age of digital domination and constant connectivity, we seem to be almost incapable to unwind and ‘just be’. 

But is this inability to properly relax more detrimental than we might think?

Social Media: Arguably the best marketing tool out there!

Having a presence on all social networks is now a substantial part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. The benefits of using social media are endless so any company that’s not harnessing this cost-effective resource could be missing out on a substantial marketing opportunity. By spending just a few hours per week on social media, businesses can benefit from raised brand awareness, additional traffic and increased sales with minimal cost.  

Mary Hare School's brand new look!

Last month, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to completely redesign and rebuild the website for Mary Hare School.

Renowned for being the largest school for the deaf in the UK and the ‘Centre of Excellence’ for deaf education, we are honoured to be able to be involved with such a worthwhile organisation.