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Is the future of marketing experiential?

Since the beginning of the digital age, the marketing industry has evolved at an astonishing pace.

Significant advances in the world of digital technology have meant that consumers have higher expectations of brands and are more demanding than ever before. Brands therefore have to think outside the box to find ways to engage people on a deeper level in order to encourage long-term loyalty.

Why you should love a retainer!

Retainers don’t always get good press – it's true they need careful management and clear objectives but at MAXX we are finding we are asked to deliver more and more of these strategic contracts.

Christmas Competition Time! #XMAXXmemories

There’s a reason why Christmas is described as the most wonderful time of the year, as well as the delicious food and the presents (of course!), it’s the perfect occasion to slow down, spend quality time with loved ones, and make happy memories!

I’m sure many of you have fond Christmas memories stored in mind, and we’d love to hear about them! Simply share your favourite Christmas memory on social media using #XMAXXmemories to be in with a chance to win an awesome prize.

MAXX are taking a break for the holidays!

After a very busy 2017, which featured inspirational art hitting the MAXX walls, a number of exciting projects and new clients plus the MAXX team expanding (hopefully not from too much cake!), we are taking a break for the holidays!

Please note that the MAXX offices will be closed from 5pm Friday 22nd December to 8:30am Tuesday 2nd January. However, in an emergency, you can email [email protected] or reach us by phone on 07787 517871

Ultra Violet and the power of colour - 2018’s Pantone colour of the year

The power and influence of colour on the human brain should not be underestimated. Scientists have established that, when exposed to certain colours both psychological and physiological changes take place in us!

Colours have the power to stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilise, increase appetite and create a feeling of warmth or coolness. In fact, when it comes to making a purchase, according to research from the Pantone colour institute, 85% people will make a purchase based on the colour of a product, so colour should never be an afterthought!