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Meet Sven the Swedish Sock

Today is your chance to meet Sven, the sock from Sweden. Sven likes nothing more than sharing a smörgåsbord and drinking snaps with Santa on Christmas Eve. God Jul!   Meet Sven....

Sven likes drinking snaps with Santa!

Another joke from Sid the Sock

Sid, the sock about town, is back with another joke today. Sid is getting very excited as he has bought his Christmas tree and has put a big fairy on top.   Sid is back....  

Sid, the sock about town, is getting excited about Christmas.

Meet Scotty the Snowman

Today is your chance to meet Scotty the Snowman, all the way from the Outer Hebrides. Once Santa has finished delivering all his presents this year, you'll find him with Scotty enjoying a nice glass of malt whiskey and a much deserved rest!   Meet Scotty...   Scotty the Snowman

Meet Punk Sock

Punk Sock is the ultimate anarchist. He's a rebel at heart, and his favourite part about Christmas is all the rockin' tunes!   Meet Punk...

Meet Sid the Sock

All the way from the Black Country is Sid, a regular sock about town. Sid can't wait for Christmas and has been busy putting up his decorations, ready for when Santa comes down the chimney.   Meet Sid... Meet Sid the Sock

Meet Gabriel

Gabriel is the most glamerous of all the socks. He loves spending hours in front of the mirror, preening himself. And can't wait for the festive party season to start!   Meet Gabriel... Gabriel-sock  

Laugh Your Socks Off

  Enjoy MAXX's Christmas advent calendar 2011 Everyday from the 1st to the 24th December we will be posting an advent video. Watch it here, where we will post images and out-takes or go to You'll be laughing your socks off!