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Social media marketing


We've just stumbled across a great new smart phone app that could help to re-invigorate print advertising and blend the traditional and digital worlds together. Blippar describes itself as a "magic lens to the world.

Hft annual report

hft We've just finished producing an annual report for Hft, a national charity that supports people with learning disabilities. 2,000 copies of the 28-page, A4 brochure were printed on 200gsm Cocoon Offset, uncoated stock.

Jackie’s working week

MAXX-search-engine-optimisation As Operations Director at MAXX, my week is often unpredictable. I manage the web design area of MAXX and this means bringing together the various aspects of web production needed to create the end product.

Nike Logo

The origins of the Nike Logo

When you think of an iconic logo, what comes to mind? McDonald's golden arches? The Disney princess castle? Or perhaps the Nike swoosh? You may take it for granted that these distinctive logos have always been around, but at some point they started life as a creative concept on a plain sheet of paper. Carolyn Davidson was a fresh graduate in 1971 when Phil Knight, founder of Nike, asked her to create a new logo for his brand.

Browser trends 2011

Your website is perhaps the number one channel of communicating with your target audience. So we regularly monitor browser usage, to ensure we continue to make our customers’ websites compatible with every browser on a PC and Mac.