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Printed literature

Q: Do customers still want printed literature or should everything be digital?

Printed literature A: Keep it printed – there’s nothing quite like the smell and touch of a newly printed brochure!   They can pick it up, hold it, read it and keep it.

Social media marketing

Understanding social media networks Social media marketing According to the latest social media benchmarking report from Circle Research, only 25% of companies have defined a social media strategy. But 76% have plans to boost their social media activities over the next 12 months.

Integrated marketing campaign

Q: Why should I choose an integrated marketing campaign?

  A: Because it ensures brand consistency and strengthens your communications.   Integrated marketing allows you to promote your brand identity through a range of media to reach each of your target audiences. Using multiple media will increase success and achieve better return on your marketing investments by strengthening your brand messages.

DIY: Bonfire night

DIY project: bonfire night Tomorrow is bonfire night, a time for burgers, bonfires and fireworks! To help get you in the mood, we’ve put together some firework treats...   Help us to capture Guy Fawkes.

Content and its importance for SEO

Have you ever considered how the type of content on your website affects your natural SEO? You may think that SEO is just about putting the right keywords in the right places but you'd be wrong. According to a recent study by SearchMetrics, it’s also the type of content on your site that can affect your ranking.  

DIY project: Halloween

Monday is Halloween. So while you get ready for the witches, ghosts and monsters to come knocking at your door, why not try some of our spooky activities...

QR codes

QR codes QR (quick response) codes are two-dimensional, matrix barcodes. They were created in Japan in 1994, by a subsidiary of Toyota called Denso Wave. The codes are open source, free to generate and can be used by any Smartphone.

Schools website design

Q: What should we consider with our school’s website design?

Schools website design A: Everything from the copy to the photography, SEO to content management system.   Your school’s website design should make a big impact and inspire your visitors.