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Dermot’s working week

graphic design dermot work Monday Every Monday morning we have a work-in-progress meeting, where we go through every job in the company so we all know what’s going on.

Stephen's favourite film...

...5th Element. I didn’t know anything about this film before I went to see it, but loved it when I did. It’s a sci-fi with action and comedy, everything I like in a film. There is a design element to it, which means visually it’s great. I liked the music too and ended up buying the sound track.

Affordable website design

There is a balance to be struck between finding the right solution to give you the correct online presence without stretching your budget beyond reasonable limits. There is so much choice and a wide range of superb digital agencies – each offering a slightly different solution so is it possible to find affordable website design?

How To be Found On Google

Introduction to SEO

 Many of our clients ask us how best to increase the number of visitors to their site. More visitors mean more exposure which can result in more customers of greater brand awareness depending on your business aims. The process of getting visitors to your site is also referred to as ‘driving traffic’. A good way to think of this is when a football match is going on in a city that everyone wants to watch the car traffic and crowds of people trying to get to the stadium is very high.

How to increase traffic to your website

How can we drive more traffic to our website?

Answer: Online promotion. People don’t just wake up and instinctively know to visit your website. You have to drive them there. There are many ways to do that through online promotion. A Search Engine Optimisation Strategy will help you to identify keywords that people are searching for. These can then be added to your web copy to help boost your natural search listings.

What is an SEO Strategy?

Q: Help! I’ve been told we need a search engine optimisation strategy but have no idea what it means. A: A search engine optimisation strategy will help you to improve your natural listings in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.