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Have you misjudged TikTok? I did... until the lockdown

As someone who works in digital marketing, I am pretty clued up on any new social platforms that pop up. Therefore, I had been aware of TikTok for some time. Naively, I thought it was trying to be the new Vine and was the latest thing the ‘kids’ were using, expecting it to have its moment and then fade away. Did I underestimate it? Yes, I definitely did!

What is your 'Brand Identity'?

Anyone who has worked hard to develop a recognisable, reputable and memorable brand knows that your ‘brand identity’ encompasses so much more than simply your ‘logo' and your ‘strapline’. 

COVID-19 offers Independent schools an unexpected opportunity to develop a competitive advantage

If, like us, you have been shocked by how fundamentally this virus has changed the world in just a few weeks, you may be looking for some positive actions that you can take to start finding the silver lining in this particular cloud. With the UK’s schools closing for a prolonged period from the 20th of March, here at MAXX we thought it would be useful to explore how forward-thinking schools could utilise this period to prepare for better times and come back stronger, revitalised and more prominent than ever.

Why you should be sharing video content on your social media

The face of our social media platforms is evolving quicker than you can hit ‘retweet’!  If you don't already support your business’ marketing strategy with video content in your social media and beyond, then 2020 is the year to jump in with both feet, otherwise there's every likelihood you will be left behind, and here’s why…..


Hi! I'm Samantha, MAXX’s new Digital Communications Executive. I have a degree in Creative Art Practice and a well nurtured background in high end customer service for the luxury interior design industry. Having worked in small businesses for most of my career I know the importance of a strong brand identity and smart marketing so when an opportunity to join MAXX and further develop my knowledge became available I knew it was the position I wanted. Who doesn't want to be part of the best?

How an integrated marketing approach is best for schools

“Integrated marketing” is used to generate a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with schools. It combines all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and social media and it is one of the most important tools your school can have to grow and have its voice heard. Integrated marketing ensures your school communicates its message effectively across all marketing channels and not following this approach will result in an often inconsistent and disorganised message. 

Print work with Schools

Companies are taking a bite out of Veganuary

Individuals are starting to take more and more responsibility for their product and food consumption and are actively searching for ethical choices. With the increase of knowledge and acceptance of veganism plus an increase in the availability of products that are more environmentally friendly, brands have been forced to provide sustainable choices.  This means that Veganuary has become more accessible to the average consumer than ever before.

And the year draws to a close….

MAXX has ended the year in style, winning an award for “Brilliance in Customer Service!  We were also shortlisted for The Drum’s Marketing Agency of the Year 0-50 which is a pretty cool nomination.  

MAXX Top 3 Christmas Adverts of 2019!

So, it’s safe to say that Christmas has well and truly arrived. With Christmas less than a week away, the season has officially begun for mulled wine, food shop stress, mince pies and of course, the MAXX office votes for their favourite Christmas adverts!