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The big one!

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4 things I’ve learned from starting a new job in lockdown….

…and how MAXX has made it so easy for me to find my feet so quickly. 
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If John Lewis didn’t make you cry, Coca-Cola might: A look at this year’s best Christmas adverts

Christmas is full of traditions.
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Webinars in words – Marketing tips part 3 - Inbound marketing - why and how to produce content at scale

Let’s start with the basics, what is outbound marketing v.
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The big one!


So this was the big one! The 12 hour off-road mountain bike marathon “Exposure Twentyfour12” at Newnham Park Plymouth. How many laps can you do in 12 hours? Well, hopefully more than everyone else!

72k of mud sweat and smiles 

Read on to find out how our very own Captain America (Graphic Designer Stephen Cripps!) got on when he entered a gruelling 72k mountain bike marathon to raise money for Newbury Cancer Care fuelled by mud, sweat and bananas …..

To help raise money and awareness for Newbury Cancer Care I’ve challenged myself to ride a number of mountain bike marathons, this is my account of the first of these, the Vittoria 72k Monster Off-road Marathon.

Mental Health, The Workplace, The Pandemic and Us…

Life is hectic sometimes, right? Well… let's be honest, life is always hectic. Who doesn't feel like they have to be here, do this, think about that, work on that, almost all the time? Oh, and there's that really leaky tap that you've been meaning to fix for months, don't forget about that (again!). 

Not forgetting work, which is never without its challenges either! Ploughing our way through our inbox after the weekend, internal meetings galore, not forgetting the catchup calls and general admin, shoe-horning actual work in between it all! 

How Apple’s iOS 14 updates will change your Facebook Advertising Campaigns….

Facebook has released a statement to most Facebook advertising accounts to say that once Apple has released its iOS 14 updates, the use of ‘aggregated event measurement protocol’ will be used to process events for people that opt-out of sharing their data with Facebook.

But what does this mean?

Apple has stepped up its privacy and policy security for all its iOS users and is giving users the freedom to opt-out of having their data tracked and collected (good news for those that prefer tracking-free browsing).

4 things I’ve learned from starting a new job in lockdown….

…and how MAXX has made it so easy for me to find my feet so quickly. 

Being completely honest, I was very nervous about moving into a new job. I was concerned that being in a remote working situation for an unknown period of time would impact my ability to fit in and find my feet with a new company.


Hi! I’m Marshall and I am the newest member of the Digital Marketing team at MAXX. As MAXX’s Digital Marketing Campaign Manager, I will be working closely with clients to improve their SEO and PPC presence.

Whilst working as a graphic designer for a non-profit organisation, my manager opened my eyes to this magical thing called ‘digital marketing’: So, I studied a night school qualification for two years to achieve my CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

End of year - A message from our Directors 2020

Once upon a time there was a pandemic…

Throughout the boardrooms of the UK and around the world it resulted in cancelled contracts, redundancies and closed businesses. It has devastated families and wrecked lives and there is no denying it has changed the world forever.

But as we approach Christmas, the various vaccines provide a glimmer of hope that a different normality will emerge and businesses will be able to rebuild, invest and grow again.

2021 Marketing - Stats, Trends and Strategy

I’m not going to waste your time dwelling on how difficult and crazy this year has been for everyone, not just in sales and marketing. Instead, let’s get straight into the good stuff. I’ve put together a brain dump of my thoughts regarding marketing trends going in 2021 and where I think you should be investing your money. 

I’ve scoured the web for great articles, insights and statistics to help me form my opinions, I’ve linked all of these at the end of this article. Intrigued? Well read on...

A MAXX Christmas: Behind the Video

There is no doubt that this year has been really hard for everyone. For us at MAXX, our team has been home-based for most of the year, only being able to meet in small groups when government guidelines allowed it. Not being able to get together and have a laugh as a large team has been difficult for us all, as we really are such a close-knit group. 

How to bring a vision to life

There are few things more exciting than when you get to entirely rebrand an organisation. Or in the case of our work with Access Social Care (ASC), create a whole identity for a brand new organisation.

ASC is a charity that provides free legal advice to people with social care needs. The founding members came to us with the vision that all people with social care needs get the care and support they have a right to, so that they can live fulfilled lives in the community.