MAXX launches Orion's new website

By Holly Snowdon 

Ever wonder if your website is effectively showcasing your company and maximising the potential of your business?

This was just the dilemma that Orion Electrotech - a highly respected and successful recruitment agency – asked us to consider.  Over several years, we have developed a great partnership – offering our insight into how they can enhance their business online and take it to the next level.  As part of this ongoing relationship, we all agreed that the website could work much harder for the business and needed to more closely reflect their goals and aspirations.  

As a result of our discussions with Orion, we had the pleasure of designing, building and launching a brand new website.

After briefing us with their overall aims, it was left in the capable hands of the digital and design teams to create a new, sleek and easy to navigate website. It was our priority to build a site that would stand out from their competitors, could be easily found on the search engines and made searching for a new job quick and intuitive.

We wanted to make sure that the browsing experience was straightforward yet engaging, so the new site includes a number of key features.  Here are just a few examples:

 • A very clear search function, which allows users to enter their desired job role in a prominent search bar at the top of every page. According to recent website reports, this has successfully encouraged users to fill in this information and find jobs quickly and easily, proving to be a great success. 

 • A fast track ‘apply’ option which enables users to upload their CV, fill in minimal information and apply for a job with just a few clicks! 

 • Fully responsive and optimised for all hand held devices, which is essential considering the amount of time we spend on our phones! 

 • Mega Menu, which features images and video clips. This provides the user with a visually appealing browsing experience and a fast, convenient way to provide information without being overwhelming. This feature saves users lots of time, with less time spent scrolling, whilst encouraging deeper browsing. 

Thank you Orion for your faith in us, we really enjoy working with you - helping your business to flourish!

If your website needs a bit of a refresh please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the website or give us a call on 01635 521224

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