Artistic Website Design: The Blooming of

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Artistic Website Design: The Blooming of

We were recently approached by creative floral design studio Saint Floral, to create and build a website for the new start-up business. This was a particularly exciting project for the team, due to Saint Floral’s artistic and renaissance inspired approach, providing an outlet for brilliant floral design.

As soon as he got his hands on the project, Creative Director Matt had a vision of the style and functionality that he knew would work for the site. Saint Floral has a bespoke nature to its work, different to your typical florist and it was crucial to ensure the website design and messaging reflected this. Standout imagery, a soft colour palette and emotive language were used to create a feeling of individualism and quality; recurring traits in Saint Floral’s displays.

The website features multiple pieces of functionality which aid the user journey and experience, creating a site that is stylish whilst easy to use cross-platform. The user is able to navigate the whole site with minimal clicks, resulting in a very simple, easy and time efficient experience.

One of the site’s many attributes is the logo and title which was a styled version of the business owner’s (Hannah’s) signature, immediately giving the website a personal touch and contributing to the overall charm of the site.

The site is interactive and has been designed to respond to what the user is doing. For example, the meticulously selected images enlarge and zoom slightly when the user hovers their mouse over them and have been displayed in an attractive gallery for users to scroll through and enjoy at their leisure.

Another noteworthy feature is the Raleway font used throughout the site, which was specifically selected due to it soft, rounded style which echoes the overall website theme. This particular font is Google websafe, which means it can be safely used across all browsers without fear of it changing.

The gold scroll bar, hover star and collapsible menu are further examples of small things that visually make a big difference, much like the subtle touches in Saint Floral’s beautiful and innovative work.

To truly appreciate the beauty of Saint Floral’s work (and hopefully the MAXX team’s!) visit