Why you should love a retainer!

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Why you should love a retainer!

Retainers don’t always get good press – it's true they need careful management and clear objectives but at MAXX we are finding we are asked to deliver more and more of these strategic contracts.

In recent years at MAXX, we have built upon the foundations of design and website development to offer our clients a broader spectrum of services, including social media, digital and strategic marketing support. Whilst website builds and design briefs are generally a ‘project’ with set timescales, digital and marketing campaigns often require on-going work, lending itself well to ‘retainer’ arrangements between MAXX and our clients.

Working on a retainer enables us to deliver our best output. By working closely month on month, we can start to see real patterns in results and optimise campaigns to generate more demand. Particularly with channels like sponsored social and PPC, the longer a person works on campaigns, the greater results tend to be as that person generates a better understanding of the marketplace, how people interact and sector specific wording. Working on a retained basis means we can not only offer insight and advice but also that we can go on to implement our recommendations! The real insight generated is not lost between projects but can be applied as we go for the best results.

By having a retainer in place we are able to respond much quicker to changes in the marketplace and help customers to be innovative and to place them “where their customers are”. Contracts and paperwork also don’t delay us - we can just get started!

Working in this way, our customers can also pull on the different service areas that MAXX offers. Whilst we may work on PPC and SEO on a monthly basis, having a block of extra ‘banked’ time within retainer agreements means we can jump on to any other project straight away, be it design, web development, blog writing or launching a new digital campaign. It could be as simple as a piece of work that would normally be handled in-house being picked up by us due to an internal resource being on holiday or sick.

For us, retainers offer flexibility and the opportunity to be proactive in our work, that’s how we like to operate. Our clients have also found using the retainers beneficial:

"Through analysing and understanding our existing PPC spend with Google, then using the results to improve our website user journey on an on-going basis, MAXX has helped us increase online registrations. In Q1 we increased total conversions by 10% with a 30% reduction in PPC spend year on year" – Terry Francis, previously Head of Sales and Digital Business Development at TextAnywhere

If you are interested in hearing more about how our retainers work, we’d love to chat. Drop us an email on [email protected] or call us on 01635 521 224.