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Why businesses should consider social media training

It’s astounding how, even now in our digitally engaged world, there are still people out there who insist that social media will eventually disappear like cassette tapes and telegrams.

Whilst we may have seen the demise of sites such as MySpace and Bebo, platforms like Facebook appear to be going from strength to strength. With over 1.86 billion users internationally, Facebook is continuously evolving, pushing boundaries and certainly doesn’t show many signs of slowing down. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and rising start Snapchat are moving beyond being ‘just’ social media, frequently referring to themselves as media companies. They have been elevated to key news outlets and have all-important buy in from advertising money. 

It’s safe to say, that even in the unlikely event of these incredibly popular social networking platforms eventually dying out, then it’s not likely to happen for a very, very long time.  Marketers won’t let them!

With this in mind, it is pretty much essential for businesses to train their staff to be ‘clued up’ when it comes to the world of social media and take advantage of the business opportunities. Having a suitable amount of knowledge of the various platforms will help to build an online presence and will greatly benefit your business (when done appropriately). This requires you to connect with existing and potential customers, gathering followers and keep them informed of your businesses activities plus promoting the products and services on offer.

Before disregarding social media as a viable route to market, you need to consider if it has been done properly. If little or ill-informed resource has previously handled social media, it’s hardly surprising if you have not seen any return; the same as any sales or marketing activity. Actively participating in social media training and running some informed activity can help businesses truly evaluate its relevance and worth as part of a marketing strategy.

If you’re running your own or commissioning an external agency or individual to run your  social media, there’s plenty to cover. We’ve listed a few top points that we feel are essential for your team to carry into your new social media activity:

Brand consistency and tone of voice

Everyone involved with writing the social media content should be briefed on the specific tone of voice you’d like to use. Regardless of the industry you’re in, it is crucial for everyone to tell the same story and all posts should adhere to your company’s values. Consistent social media activity will help create awareness and appreciation amongst your target audience. It helps to remain professional and credible; vital in more business focused industries.


It is also fundamental that the right type of content is delivered and at the right time. Timing is crucial when it comes to sharing content, each post should be logically scheduled in order to maximise reach and to ensure your target audience are always kept in the loop – but not too often! If you’re a consumer brand it might be worth posting in the evenings to target leisure browsers, whereas those from B2B markets may look to gain visibility during office hours. 

Risk Management

It is highly likely that the majority of a company’s employees are using the various social media platforms in their personal lives; however it is crucial that they are sufficiently equipped to post on behalf of your business to both avoid and respond to negative feedback.

If you don’t have one already, setting up a social media policy is highly recommended as it will provide employees with formal guidelines on security, discussing competitors and responding to complaints on social media and any activity which may reflect badly on the business.  We have worked with Gardner Leader to advise businesses on the necessity of a social media contract and strongly suggest you consider putting together this important legal document. Contact Julie  at Garnder Leader for information on this side of things – for all other help – call us!

In essence, social media certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so providing your staff with social media training will, without doubt boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your own activity. If you require support with social media training, get in touch with us today on 01635 521224




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