Using new HD print technology


Recently MAXX took on an exciting new project, using some fantastic new printing technology. After redesigning Marlborough College’s biannual newsletter and delivering the new format earlier in the year, the client asked us to produce their Autumn edition and we had some big ideas for it.

For the last edition, we put together their newsletter on beautiful uncoated paper stock. A good uncoated paper adds an extra dimension to quality print; it’s tactile and textured and it’s fantastic if you want a piece of print that not only looks great, but feels great too.

There are however, a couple of drawbacks – it takes longer to dry and can occasionally lose definition or vibrancy in the drying process. This is where the new process of incredible HD printing comes in which takes our print game to another level entirely and makes our creative ideas look even more amazing.

Using this latest print technology, that uses state-of-the-art ‘light dry’ techniques, we sent the Autumn edition to be printed on a special press which uses UV light to dry unique ‘flash dry inks’ instantly – this achieves vibrant colour quality even on uncoated paper. Furthermore, the light used is HUV – which means the light is low energy – it dries instantly and creates environmentally friendly print. The light dry printing press also allows us to enhance the images pre print, allowing us to transform standard high quality images into enhanced definition images, giving you a clarity and definition in the print that is rare. To put it simply; this printing press allows us to up image quality from your standard TV quality into something worthy of a HD TV!

Matt, our Creative Director, who designed the magazine and specified using the new printing process, went along to press-pass the production as it was being printed and took a photo of the UV in action.

Marlborough College received their latest edition with more depth and definition than ever before. Jane, from Marlborough College said of the print: ‘We like to use uncoated paper for the understated quality and the feel it gives our brand, however we always have to rely on designers tweaking photos to ensure they do not sink into the page. This new process has given a phenomenal and dynamic image quality to our newsletter and we are delighted with the result’. Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can spot the difference.

Matt commented: “This new technology means you can produce stunning HD quality work on beautiful uncoated papers (which all designers love, because of the way they feel). The colours and imagery really jump off the page like never before.”

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