There’s No Such Thing as Digital Marketing Anymore. Kind of.

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There’s No Such Thing as Digital Marketing Anymore. Kind of.

By Conor Bant

We have recently shared a number of articles on this topic, but I feel it’s such a pertinent part of Marketing in 2017, well we just had to write a blog about it!

When I hear people talk about ‘doing’ digital marketing, the first question to ask is what does that mean? Is it social media, search engine marketing, display, website optimisation? Is it a combination of, or all of these things?

‘Digital’ has been a term used to brand all elements of marketing that are online. But in reality, a huge amount of what marketers are doing every day is online and therefore comes under the ‘digital’ umbrella. Previously used to distinguish online marketing trailblazers, it might be more apt to say ‘we do offline’ as a means of separating your marketing activity from the masses! 

All businesses promote products and services both online and offline, and often at the same time (kudos to all integrated campaigns), but at the end of the day it’s all marketing. Partly it may be because of my role as Digital Communications Manager at MAXX, but when talking to someone about a marketing role, I would automatically assume that there is some ‘digital’ element, be it social or simple website development through a CMS. 

Another factor putting the notion of digital marketing to bed is the amount of crossover between online and offline; the amalgamation of new and traditional marketing strategies. If you write blog content, does that make you a copywriter, or a digital expert? It is going online after all. The same goes for graphic design; and ironically if it’s for print or digital, it’s still produced with the same programs and software. Non-digital marketing uses computers too! 

So, is there no such thing as digital marketing? Of course there is, it’s just marketing. If your strategy revolves solely around ‘marketing’ (no digital) then A-you’re in the minority and B-you’re missing a huge opportunity to hit prospects and existing customers, with measurable results. It may have value as a term to distinguish where people specialise, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a marketer who doesn’t “do digital” in 2017.