social media

Social media is changing the way we work

Ever since social media came into play, it has presented businesses with a new and exciting way to reach their clients. Instead of just broadcasting a message, it invites people into a conversation – something that automatically attracts audience interest. It allows you to target your audience and create new prospects without cold calling. If you’re not already utilising it, you should be seriously considering it. So, why does social media have more impact than some other methods of promotion that we have relied on for years?  Here are three good examples:

Profit from customer care

Social media has made it quick and easy to keep in touch with clients (notice we are publishing this on a Friday…. follow Friday for @MAXXDesign anyone?) but do we keep in mind WHY it so important to keep in contact and provide great service to current clients? It can cost as much as 6 times more to attract a new client than to get business out of our existing ones. But often we judge success on how many new accounts we secure rather than realising the true potential of the clients we already have.  

500 rubik's cubes, 85 million dollars, 1 conclusion - branding investment pays!

In one of our meeting rooms at MAXX we have a poster, a poster featuring a superhero who says “If only my brand was as strong as me!!”. This type of poster makes an impact and the words have meaning for many of our clients.  Words that MAXX put into practice for clients time and time again. One of those clients is Arieso, a  Berkshire-based client that develops intelligent, location-aware solutions for mobile operators. Since 2008 MAXX have enjoyed an ongoing working relationship with the company.


More and more people are jumping on the social media bandwagon to promote their business. Social media is truly interactive and, once tasted, often pretty addictive; it has turned the world of marketing on the internet from static websites into an exciting and fast moving sales field.  But there are still a few who, in either in fear, ignorance or just sheer bloody-mindedness are choosing to ignore the ‘fad’ of Social Media.   These people, although dwindling in numbers, are suffering from ‘anti social media’.

Ladies and Gentlemen...The MAXXY Awards

  In the last few weeks we’ve seen The Oscars, Brits, Grammy’s and other lavish award ceremonies showcasing a variety of talents and skills. However one set of awards are yet to be given, five winners are yet to tearfully accept their awards and give emotional speeches… until now. It is now this writer’s honour to host MAXX’S very own awards – THE MAXXY’S! THE MAXXY’S aim to celebrate the achievements and happiness in the MAXX world at the moment, so let’s announce the winners:

It's not impossible to be the face that inspires a nation

So it’s February: the month of love, the graveyard of broken new years resolutions and the start to a year that some are already tired of. What is needed to perk you and your work ethic up – is inspiration. The type of inspiration that comes from watching a great movie or reading a book that makes you want to ‘get up and get going’!  It’s this kind of inspiration that needs to be transferred to your job, it not only makes your job more fulfilling and exciting, but it makes you more successful.

The Social Media monsters - leave the unnecessary bits behind

This year began with us all getting excited about the world of Social media and what it was bringing; Google + was taking off – or falling flat – whichever you decide, whilst we were all thinking – do we really need another one? Since then we’ve had Pinterest and Instagram, Klout and Foursquare and more pop up into our crowded social media market.

You've got Social Media. Now you have to make it work.

93% of businesses currently use social media for their growth and to develop their brand awareness – and you may well be one of them. However, statistics like these are of course unable to show us whether these marketers are using their social media regularly or correctly.   We’re all here for the same thing. We all want new business, new contacts, and popularity – but very few of us are going about it in the right way.