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Does WhatsApp’s Encryption Prove the Power of Social Media?

Tuesday morning played host to big developments in the world of social media, with instant messaging giant WhatsApp announcing that all messaging and media processed by the application will be encrypted. End to end encrypted, for what it’s worth.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this means (myself included, until this morning), messages leaving mobile and tablet devices will leave in a ‘scrambled’ and illegible format, and content can only be deciphered upon receipt. This will restrict the ability of hackers, Governments and judiciary services to view WhatsApp messages.

The Power of Emotive Marketing

A guest blog by our new intern Holly Snowdon.  It has been widely acknowledged for some time now that connecting with consumers on an emotional level is vital when it comes to building brand awareness and overall brand equity. There is an obvious reason why, each year, the charming John Lewis Christmas adverts successfully touch the hearts of the nation and why Red Bull, for example, was rated number 4 on the Forbes most powerful global brands in 2015. They connect with the consumer on a deep emotional level.

Is augmented reality viable for your business?

Technology has advanced a great deal over the last 10 years; things that would have seemed impossible a while ago are now our reality. Most people now carry around a pocket computer (your smartphone) and 2015 is set to accelerate the wearable tech market even further. So, where does augmented reality have a place in the business technology war?

Why is my font so important?

How can something so small, be such a big discussion point? A font does everything from representing the brand, to increasing legibility. This is the first time since the iPhone original launch that we have seen Apple use two different fonts for its devices. Named, simply, ‘San Francisco’: The new font is sleeker, clear, easy to read and is displayed across all of the devices in a subtle manner. It is specifically designed to be easier to read on smaller devices – i.e, the Apple watch.

Is Livestream the future of video?

Over the past few years, a new trend called Livestreaming has been having an impact in some industries. Now more and more Livestreaming options are coming into the market. But what is Livestreaming? Put simply, Livestream allows you to use your smart devices to live stream your entire life onto the Internet, through various simple applications.   To give an example, the most successful industry to utilise Livestreaming so far is gaming.

Seeing the results of hard work at Optrafair

 Last weekend MAXX travelled to NEC near Birmingham to attend Optrafair, the UK’s leading optical exhibition. Our Social Media Manager Ellie and Managing Director Dermot were there to support our clients Topcon and watch one of our latest projects coming to life!  

Topcon is a manufacturer of optical equipment for ophthalmology and has a strong presence at Optrafair every year. For this year’s event MAXX designed, printed and delivered a suite of marketing materials including 2 x 48 sheet billboards and an advertising campaign to promote the company and it’s stand.  

4 reasons why your social media isn’t working

Social media has finally established that it is here to stay. It’s proved itself through the tests of time and is now a force that many businesses recognise they simply can’t avoid. However, some businesses see social media as a tool that they feel they have to use instead of a tool to aid their success. What’s the difference? Using social media with direction, and with clear goals in mind can be a sure way to support your marketing activities and win business. Using social media because you feel you have to can often be fruitless.

Is Social Media Just a Fad?

With over 10 years of online growth, the question: ‘Is social media just a fad?’ Is still a topic of conversation within the world of business. With Linkedin and MySpace being founded in 2003, followed swiftly by other giants such as Facebook and eventually Twitter, many businesses still question whether social media is a fleeting craze – or really useful at all. Is there a right or wrong answer? Well… yes there is. The answer is no, it’s not a phase. Social media is constantly growing in numbers and has made a huge statement within our society and on a global scale.

From concept to reality

Despite the popularity of digital marketing, there is still a place for traditional printed marketing materials. MAXX knows that Direct Mail pieces in particular are often responsible for lead generation and customer retention. We’ve recently undertaken a number of Direct Mail projects involving rugby balls, cupcakes and jelly beans… but we’ll update you on those later in the year!