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Getting social with Topcon

Topcon, a leading optical instruments manufacturer, has worked with MAXX for many years on design and printed materials, and for its support for its key annual trade show, Optrafair. One other area where we have been able to help the company is in developing a strategy and delivering social media for Topcon in the UK. 

Social Media: Arguably the best marketing tool out there!

Having a presence on all social networks is now a substantial part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. The benefits of using social media are endless so any company that’s not harnessing this cost-effective resource could be missing out on a substantial marketing opportunity. By spending just a few hours per week on social media, businesses can benefit from raised brand awareness, additional traffic and increased sales with minimal cost.  

How Walkers' Twitter campaign backfired spectacularly

Twitter is a hugely powerful tool for companies to directly interact with users, keep people in the loop and build relationships with their customers. It is also a social media platform that can easily land companies in hot water! Marketing campaigns can get out of control… Fast! Attempts at humour can easily backfire, misusing the platform can invoke outrage and hashtags can be hijacked.

The impact of social media on the food industry and how we eat

As a self-confessed and well-known foodie at the MAXX office, it’s safe to say that food-related thoughts occupy my mind throughout most of the day!

I profess to being someone who is guilty of photographing my food before eating it - often spending so long trying to capture the perfect photo that my food ends up going cold! - I felt it was about time I addressed the undeniable impact that social media is having on the way we eat and the food/restaurant industry as a whole.

Snapchat Backchat

By Holly Snowdon

You may be aware of the latest developments in the world of Social media. As of yesterday (Tuesday the 2nd of August), Facebook-owned Instagram launched a new ‘Stories’ feature, which bears a remarkable likeness to the popular photo and video-sharing app, Snapchat. In fact, to say that they are similar would be an understatement, the features on the two apps are bordering on identical.

Could Social Media be the Key to Politics?

MAXX has recently shared quite a few extracts from our favourite blogs and publications about how social media has been used in the US Republican and Democrat nomination campaigns, particularly a certain Donald Trump. But could social media be set to influence one of the biggest votes in British politics: the EU Referendum.

Video Marketing- The power to draw in potential business

If you’re feeling like you’re neglecting something from your list of marketing activities, it’s highly likely that video marketing is the missing link! Online videos are swiftly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to search for information on services and products. With 52% of marketers worldwide naming video as the type of content with the highest ROI (Business to Community), businesses and brands across the globe are rapidly discovering that video enables them to communicate more efficiently and effectively than most other forms of content (regardless of the industry!).

Introducing Conor Bant - Digital Communications Manager

I’m Conor, the new Digital Communications Manager at MAXX. Despite this being a bit of an ‘introductory’ blog, I don’t, and never really have felt like the ‘new guy’. And that’s not just because Sam, our new Junior Web Developer, started a mere 24 hours after me!

Is it the Beginning of the End for Twitter as we know it?

Following multiple rumours over the past year or so, the biggest indication yet of changes to Twitter have been revealed. This time, it’s not a misleading headline around 10,000 character tweets, but a highly credible source reporting that Twitter will no longer count images and links as part of its 140 characters, meaning an additional 45 characters will be available (assuming you are including both a link and image).

The New Instagram: Is it Instaglam?

If you hadn’t noticed the new flash of colour on your phone home screen, it’s most probably been referenced in your Facebook or Twitter feed. Unless you’re not one of the 400 million global users, it’s nigh on impossible to not have heard: Instagram has changed its logo.