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The Impact of Coronavirus on Marketing Activities

Throughout these past few weeks, I’ve heard some really interesting points of view on marketing (or not) in this challenging climate, from webinars I’ve joined and articles I’ve read.  The overriding message seems to be that now, when things may be a little quieter, is the perfect time to invest in your brand and strengthen your marketing materials in preparation for when you need to start competing again. 

MAXX are taking a break for the holidays!

After a very busy 2017, which featured inspirational art hitting the MAXX walls, a number of exciting projects and new clients plus the MAXX team expanding (hopefully not from too much cake!), we are taking a break for the holidays!

Please note that the MAXX offices will be closed from 5pm Friday 22nd December to 8:30am Tuesday 2nd January. However, in an emergency, you can email [email protected] or reach us by phone on 07787 517871

Dermot's Latest Artwork

If you haven’t met Dermot yet, let me introduce him. Originally trained as a graphic designer, Dermot is the founder and MD of MAXX and has worked within the design industry for over 40 years.

Dermot, needless to say, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company (not to mention entertainment!) and is very passionate about everything to do with MAXX and the success and growth of the business.

Having recently reduced his working time to 3 days a week, we wondered what he got up to on the other days?

Office Wall Art

We have been comfortably settled in our lovely canalside office for over a year now (which seems hardly possible in itself) and despite the fact that we were able to paint the new offices with our own MAXX colours and designs, we still felt the walls were a little bare. We felt there needed to be a little more colour and personality to reflect the creative, vibrant nature of MAXX.

Introducing Holly Snowdon

Hello, I’m Holly, the new girl! Once upon a time the thought of being the new girl was an incredibly daunting prospect. However, as soon as I entered the warm, creative atmosphere of the MAXX office (complete with charming old beams and multiple bowls of brightly coloured sweets), all the usual ‘new girl’ worries seem to ebb away.  Having been greeted by each employee with a warm smile and a few friendly words, I was instantly made to feel at home at MAXX and I hope to soon become a valuable member of the team!

Introducing Conor Bant - Digital Communications Manager

I’m Conor, the new Digital Communications Manager at MAXX. Despite this being a bit of an ‘introductory’ blog, I don’t, and never really have felt like the ‘new guy’. And that’s not just because Sam, our new Junior Web Developer, started a mere 24 hours after me!

Graphic design and a bearded dragon lizard - Meet Emily!

MAXX has recently had the excitement of hiring a number of new team members. Last month we introduced you to Jen and this month we’d like you to say hello to our new Junior Designer Emily!

Emily grew up in Reading and has always had a love for art, graphic design and photography, which she studied, at both A-Level and during her time at University. Like so many people with a creative side, Emily attributes this passion to her parents:

Abseiling for Prior's Court!

Last weekend Ellie and Jerrell travelled to Portsmouth to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower to raise money for the Prior’s Court Foundation, a locally-based centre for education and residential care for young people with autism. The Spinnaker Tower stands at the huge height of 170m’s tall, a height which is really difficult to visualise until you are standing at the top looking down! Upon arrival, they checked in, and made their way up the tower. Harnesses were safely fitted, helmets strapped on and they were fully briefed on safety and best practice for the decent.