Getting social with Topcon

Topcon, a leading optical instruments manufacturer, has worked with MAXX for many years on design and printed materials, and for its support for its key annual trade show, Optrafair. One other area where we have been able to help the company is in developing a strategy and delivering social media for Topcon in the UK. 

Pharma marketing compliance – a headache resolved?

Britannia Pharmaceuticals needed a way to review and approve marketing materials quickly and efficiently whilst adhering to strict compliance rules and maintaining an audit trail. Britannia asked us to build a bespoke system that would deliver the functionality needed, whilst being easy to use by in-house staff and external compliance and medical experts.

GDPR: About time it's spelled out

Have you heard of GDPR?

If you hold any customer data in any form, chances are you have. If you haven’t, you’re fortunate, as that means you’ve not been trying to piece together the logistical nightmare it is becoming.

Social Media: Arguably the best marketing tool out there!

Having a presence on all social networks is now a substantial part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. The benefits of using social media are endless so any company that’s not harnessing this cost-effective resource could be missing out on a substantial marketing opportunity. By spending just a few hours per week on social media, businesses can benefit from raised brand awareness, additional traffic and increased sales with minimal cost.  

Is this the “renaissance of print”? [Part 2]

In the first of this two part blog series (which you can find here), based on my presentation at an event hosted by Oracle in Reading, I talked about the power of print in a digital age. It’s time to take that further and delve into how branding and digital marketing fits into all of this…

Charity Marketing; going beyond likes to drive donations

By Jennifer Baggaley

Charities need to advertise. They need to invest in advertising and marketing campaigns to raise awareness and garner support for their cause, yet equally as important they need to show people how their money is being spent.

Social media plays a significant part in both of these objectives and is especially important in the toolkit of a charity’s marketing campaign as it is not only an incredibly cost-effective solution, but it also enables a charity to engage directly with individuals.

Graphic design and a bearded dragon lizard - Meet Emily!

MAXX has recently had the excitement of hiring a number of new team members. Last month we introduced you to Jen and this month we’d like you to say hello to our new Junior Designer Emily!

Emily grew up in Reading and has always had a love for art, graphic design and photography, which she studied, at both A-Level and during her time at University. Like so many people with a creative side, Emily attributes this passion to her parents:

Is augmented reality viable for your business?

Technology has advanced a great deal over the last 10 years; things that would have seemed impossible a while ago are now our reality. Most people now carry around a pocket computer (your smartphone) and 2015 is set to accelerate the wearable tech market even further. So, where does augmented reality have a place in the business technology war?