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Have you misjudged TikTok? I did... until the lockdown

As someone who works in digital marketing, I am pretty clued up on any new social platforms that pop up. Therefore, I had been aware of TikTok for some time. Naively, I thought it was trying to be the new Vine and was the latest thing the ‘kids’ were using, expecting it to have its moment and then fade away. Did I underestimate it? Yes, I definitely did!

Is this the “renaissance of print”? [Part 2]

In the first of this two part blog series (which you can find here), based on my presentation at an event hosted by Oracle in Reading, I talked about the power of print in a digital age. It’s time to take that further and delve into how branding and digital marketing fits into all of this…

What does 'Internet of Things' actually mean?

Are you aware of the Internet of Things (IoT)? It’s certainly the buzzword at the moment but very few of us know what these remarkable ‘things’ actually are! Essentially, it is the concept of every given electronic device (which can be switched on and off) being connected to the Internet.

Are the Day’s of Black Hat SEO Gone?

Whilst new channels, platforms and devices come and go, one tool that people have continued to use is good old Google, ensuring the SEO drum is banged hard by all businesses. Google search is our go-to and is part of everyday life. It’s a bit like TV; whilst it’s changing, it won’t go away anytime soon.

Walk Before You Can Run: Why Your Website is the Foundation to Digital Marketing

With the influx of digital channels and strategies that have become established parts of our lives, it’s unsurprising that businesses have turned to them as a means to drive awareness and sales. The target of much of this digital marketing activity is the website, where all information about your business is stored, its also very likely to be the way your prospect will first get in touch.

Introducing Conor Bant - Digital Communications Manager

I’m Conor, the new Digital Communications Manager at MAXX. Despite this being a bit of an ‘introductory’ blog, I don’t, and never really have felt like the ‘new guy’. And that’s not just because Sam, our new Junior Web Developer, started a mere 24 hours after me!

Does WhatsApp’s Encryption Prove the Power of Social Media?

Tuesday morning played host to big developments in the world of social media, with instant messaging giant WhatsApp announcing that all messaging and media processed by the application will be encrypted. End to end encrypted, for what it’s worth.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this means (myself included, until this morning), messages leaving mobile and tablet devices will leave in a ‘scrambled’ and illegible format, and content can only be deciphered upon receipt. This will restrict the ability of hackers, Governments and judiciary services to view WhatsApp messages.

Great music marketing moments: Let's learn from it

Most artists, writers and designers all state that they work better with some sort of musical accompaniment – as it causes them to reflect and reach a deeper thought level.   The same theory is used in advertising! Music in advertising not only builds the brands identity, but also causes certain associations, for instance when you hear the jingle accompanying that well loved product or shop chain you like! An example: – when you hear Ernie K Doe’s ‘Here come the girls’, what do you think of? A fantastic 70’s jingle that just missed the charts?