Charity partnerships and community engagement – what now for businesses?

One of the good things that has come out of our current experience is a strengthening of our sense of ‘community’. Many businesses, whilst struggling with their own challenges are still keen to explore ways to support a society that is suffering. Equally, charities and voluntary organisations have been struggling worldwide with a crisis in funding due to lockdown restrictions limiting fundraising events, plus the economic slowdown.

Charity Marketing; going beyond likes to drive donations

By Jennifer Baggaley

Charities need to advertise. They need to invest in advertising and marketing campaigns to raise awareness and garner support for their cause, yet equally as important they need to show people how their money is being spent.

Social media plays a significant part in both of these objectives and is especially important in the toolkit of a charity’s marketing campaign as it is not only an incredibly cost-effective solution, but it also enables a charity to engage directly with individuals.

Making a Difference to Lives in West Berkshire

Over the last few months, we have been proud to be working with a brand new local charity which will revolutionise the lives of hundreds of people in the Newbury area. The Rosemary Appeal aims to raise £4.5 million for a new cancer and renal treatment centre at West Berkshire Hospital.

We were asked to help create an identity for the Appeal – the charity was named after the late Rosemary Rooke, who donated the land for the construction. Rosemary is also appropriately symbolic for healing and remembrance.

An uneducated Guess: Dealing with Kilimanjaro pt2.

Our first reality check...

  Day four: (Day two of climb) Phew! This day definitely comes as a surprise. It’s a very cold start to the morning, and after the relaxing and green ascent of day one, the steep ascents definitely shock the system. It may not be the toughest day to come, but we are definitely caught off guard: after waking up at 6 to leave by 7am. Even though the porters wake us warmly with smiles, black tea and coffee and a good breakfast – we’re still complaining a little too much.

The best of online campaigning

Have you seen Breakthrough Breast cancer’s new campaign?   We love it. Not only because it was designed and built by our fabulous designers and developers, or because it is one of the most inspiring charities you can give to – but simply because it solves a problem. A problem, that in a few days, we are all going to have to face up to.   One of the age-old problems of Mother’s Day is expense, and your mother standing there and saying: ‘Oh no, don’t worry this year love!