Why you should be sharing video content on your social media

Why you should be sharing video content on your social media

The face of our social media platforms is evolving quicker than you can hit ‘retweet’!  If you don't already support your business’ marketing strategy with video content in your social media and beyond, then 2020 is the year to jump in with both feet, otherwise there's every likelihood you will be left behind, and here’s why…..

Video has now become a necessity for any business as it offers your audience a captivating and stimulating sensory experience for storytelling, advertising, and brand exposure. The uses for marketing videos are endless, whether you want to offer product demonstrations to your client, give customer testimonials, host tutorials, live stream events or advertise new products. 

According to 88% of marketers, video marketing provides them with positive ROI. Compare that with 2015 when only 33% said the same and you can see that consumer receptiveness towards video marketing has grown considerably.

Video has now become the fastest-growing advertising tool with over two billion video views on Twitter each day, which is a growth of 67% year on year, according to Twitter internal data. Tweets with video attracted 10 times more engagements than Tweets without video!

This video for Purley Park Trust was commissioned to promote the excellent standard of work being done there and to show prospective employees that it is a truly rewarding place to work. When posted on the Trust’s Facebook page it received 58 shares, which illustrates just how engaging video can be.  It can actually enlist your followers to become your marketers; sharing your video far beyond the reaches of your existing following. 

So what should you be thinking about when it comes to video content for your social media platforms?

  • Keep it mobile-friendly: 93% of video views happen on mobile devices, according to Twitter. You can do this by adding captions or subtitles for those watching without the sound activated.
  • Have a call-to-action: This is a great opportunity to increase the traffic to your website or encourage them to pick up the phone or email,  so encourage people to “do something” as a result of watching the video.
  • Keep the story interesting: Now’s your chance to get creative!
  • Get to the point: Make sure that your video answers the question “Why should I watch it?” within the first 10 seconds.
  • Remember your hashtags: Research the best and most relevant hashtags to ensure the right audience views your video.

Here at MAXX we have an active video team and can help you to use video to support your marketing and social media presence. Want to find out more? Get in touch with the team - we’d love to hear from you!