Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Understanding social media networks Social media marketing According to the latest social media benchmarking report from Circle Research, only 25% of companies have defined a social media strategy. But 76% have plans to boost their social media activities over the next 12 months.   We know it can be a bit daunting to enter the world of social media, so to help you get started we've put together an overview for some of the more popular networks.   Facebook: 750m unique visitors per month Pros:

  • Play games, connect and share updates and photos with friends.
  • Set up both personal and company/brand pages.
  • Highly targeted advertising opportunities.


  • Users must be vigilant as Facebook tends to change its privacy settings on a regular basis.

  Foursquare: 10m users Pros:

  • Community-focused network where users can share information about their local area.


  • Requires a lot of effort to get the most from the network.
  • Great if you’re a local business - e.g. restaurant, boutique, electrician…etc – but less suitable for larger B2B organisations.

  Google+: 20m users Pros:

  • Enables you to separate your friends into different networks – e.g. work colleagues, family, friends…etc
  • Part of the wider Google offering.


  • Very focussed on the US audience at the moment, but growing fast in the UK.

  LinkedIn: 100m users Pros:

  • Business-focussed.
  • Discussion groups help you to meet new like-minded people.
  • Helps you to establish relationships with new people, as well as connect to existing contacts.


  • As it’s more business focussed, you tend to get a few people trying to sell their products/services in the groups, rather than adding to the discussions.

  Quora: 1.5m users Pros:

  • Business-focussed.
  • Works a bit like Wikipedia where the content is open-source. Users can both ask and answer questions related to their industry.


  • It’s very focussed on technology at the moment.

  Tumblr: 400m page views per day Pros:

  • Great for blogging. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, or email.


  • Less control over how you format your content.
  • No built-in commenting system.

  Twitter: 300m users Pros:

  • This ‘micro-blogging’ social network makes your content open and available to everyone.
  • You can easily connect with new people.


  • There’s a lot of noise with many people posting multiple comments each day – and not all of them are valuable.

  Still need some help? Why not check out our social media checklist for more hints and tips or contact us for a chat about how we can help you with your social media strategy.