Social Media: Arguably the best marketing tool out there!

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Social Media: Arguably the best marketing tool out there!

Having a presence on all social networks is now a substantial part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. The benefits of using social media are endless so any company that’s not harnessing this cost-effective resource could be missing out on a substantial marketing opportunity. By spending just a few hours per week on social media, businesses can benefit from raised brand awareness, additional traffic and increased sales with minimal cost.  

If you are uncertain whether or not social media is right for your business, the best first step for you may be some research into your market and a little competitor analysis so that you can make an informed decision whether there is real potential here for you, and if so, which platforms are likely to bring the best return.  If you need help with this research, contact us and we can sort it out for you.

So, if you are using social media, are you making the most of it?

Social media platforms ARE search engines

How often do you search for a company on Facebook or Twitter before you go onto Google? Well if you’re like me, this is nearly always the case! Nowadays it is said that social is the new SEO, “We need to understand that Search Engine Optimisation includes the search that happens on social media search engines.” Neil Patel. You should always be thinking of your social media profile pages as extensions of your website and they should be optimised in the same way. They should feature the same keywords and page titles as those that are on your website. 

You can respond to problems as soon as they occur

By having a strong social media presence, companies can respond almost instantly to any problems that may occur. This strong presence also allows your company to build on its public relations presence. By using relevant hashtags and talking about current events or even offering businesses support on key issues, companies can make a real impact and can find this an effective way to get your brand noticed in the social media world.

Having a strong social media presence helps to build brand loyalty

In today’s digital world brand loyalty can be cultivated and maintained through smart social media engagements and having a clear defined strategy. However, if you are only just starting out on any social media platform be aware it takes time to build up a strong profile with a lot of engagement. By having a social media presence, whether this is to answer questions or to provide a more personal side to the business will introduce your true business personality and help viewers to feel a connection to the human side of your business.

It's hard to beat the ROI of social media

For most businesses, there are few other marketing methods that beat the return of investment (ROI) of social media as (excluding paid ads) its only cost is time, other than that, its FREE!! With a strong social media strategy you can achieve miracles in the social media arena. 

Relationship/Trust building

Social media is a great tool when creating brand credibility and company awareness as it means you can closely communicate with your clients and this leads to you becoming a trusted source of information and in turn increasing your company's overall trustworthiness. 

Here at MAXX we can help with any stage of your social media journey, from creating great looking profiles on any network to managing and creating content for these pages. If you would like to find out more or speak to a member of the social media team, email us at: [email protected] or give us a call on 01635 521224. Also look out for us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr

Source - Neil Patel/Quicksprout