Is it the Beginning of the End for Twitter as we know it?

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Is it the Beginning of the End for Twitter as we know it?

Following multiple rumours over the past year or so, the biggest indication yet of changes to Twitter have been revealed. This time, it’s not a misleading headline around 10,000 character tweets, but a highly credible source reporting that Twitter will no longer count images and links as part of its 140 characters, meaning an additional 45 characters will be available (assuming you are including both a link and image).

This move would echo Twitter chief Jack Dorsey’s comments about looking at ways to make posts longer, whilst retaining the ‘beautiful constraint’ created by 140 characters: the unique mantra that Twitter was founded upon. While Twitter are yet to comment, Bloomberg is reporting that the change could go live in little over a week.

Although many a user will be pleased to hear that links and images will not be included in the character count (marketers will rejoice!), does it signal the start of Twitter losing part of what made it so special? Will Twitter go towards the Facebook-esque conventional social media platform?

Part of what made Twitter successful is how different it is from Facebook. But the key here is made. Twitter has fallen on hard times, with its share price down 70% and Dorsey losing his Billionaire status (although we’re sure he’ll get by) in January. Twitter recently signed a deal with the NFL to live stream American Football, but where is the next big deal going to come from?

So is it the beginning of the end for Twitter? Well, in all likelihood no. Twitter has established such a prominent user base, and its use by celebrities will keep big brands coming for product endorsements, and with it advertising revenues. But it might not be quite the same. First no links and pictures included in the character count, next it might be increasing that 140 limit. Twitter probably thinks it needs to do something to reinvigorate interest; hopefully that’s not turning into another Facebook.

Before we know it, will we have Facebook mark 2? We certainly hope not, but what do you think? Tweet us @MAXXDesign in 140 characters; for now at least.