How Does The Circle Show the Power of Social Media?

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How Does The Circle Show the Power of Social Media?

The Circle, a reality TV show that first aired in the UK in 2018, began its second series on Channel 4 this week. The show follows eight people who live in separate flats in the same apartment complex for three weeks. The twist: they don’t meet each other until the final day and they only communicate through a social media platform called The Circle.

Since the players never actually meet, they can choose to be whoever they want to be. Previous contestants have chosen to change their gender, sexuality, occupation, age – or all of the above! You can choose to be anyone.

The Circle highlights the advanced changes in social media and the developing nature of online platforms and technology in the 21st century. While it does spark some controversy, it makes us think about the different ways that businesses can present themselves online.

Contestants on The Circle are constantly controlling and altering their performances based on who their audience is, who their competitors are, the message they are trying to get across, and how they want others to perceive them. These are all things businesses should think about when presenting themselves online. For example, businesses should utilise their social media platforms to promote products to the audiences that use those channels and use targeted advertisements online to strategically generate engagement.

Transparency, as a human trait, is something that those on The Circle find difficult to portray as none of the contestants have met before. We trust those who are transparent, and we trust businesses that are too. Transparency inside a company, as well as towards your customers, can be a great way to engage your customers and employees and generate a rapport and trust. This is because people in general are looking for more humane and caring companies that are not completely focused on being perfect but are passionate about delivering valuable and trustworthy services. For example, companies can show transparency online by adding review features to their social media platforms like Facebook and TripAdvisor. This instantly allows audiences to feel comfortable using your business as a level of trust is automatically developed. We are far more likely to believe what a review says than what the company says.

The whole idea of the show is to judge others based solely on how they present themselves on social media. Online platforms hold a lot of influence and businesses should adapt to take advantage of this. The presentation of your business online is very important as this is how the general public judge companies and organisations online. Power has been placed into the hands of the audience who are able to cross-compare companies through online channels and choose the best one for them. Does your online presence stand out compared to your competitors?

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Picture: Channel 4