The decline of organic reach on Facebook

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The decline of organic reach on Facebook

Facebook algorithm has once again changed but not in favour of brands.

The social network is starting to prioritise what friends and family share on the Newsfeed so less and less content from brands and publishers will be seen. With a post from Mark Zuckerberg himself confirming this change:


Agencies and brands will now have to invest in Facebook to reach the same audiences they did previously, this includes paying for a range of adverts and spending time creating appealing adverts that people will be interested in. With more and more businesses turning to adverts to reach users there is now a lot more competition which in turn has the potential to make Facebook advertising much more expensive with brands fighting for space on a users Newsfeed.

In the last quarter alone Facebook ad rates have risen by 35% due to brands noticing this change with a decline in organic reach.

What does this mean for brands using Facebook?

There will now have to be a lot more planning and clever execution when developing Facebook campaigns that go deeper into campaign execution, optimisation and media planning, and a lot more focus on reporting and analytics to see what works and what doesn’t on a campaign by campaign basis.

For marketers it’s now a case of needing to be better media planners, which businesses can get the most engaging and organic content that users are interested in. Marketers need to understand how to plan and execute great social media campaigns.

Digital Communications Manager Conor has given his thoughts on the Facebook change: “Whilst a reduction in organic reach sounds like a problem for marketers, it pushes sponsored campaigns and the potential they bring to the fore. Investing in social media has never been 'free' so the notion of putting budget into highly targeted campaigns using innovative and engaging ad formats shouldn't be a concern. Rather than having to work against Facebook's change in algorithm, businesses would be best served utilising the ad platform to reach a huge, engaged audience.

This big change from Facebook could actually be to do with how it has stated many times that it’s not a news organisation but rather a social media network with a big emphasis on eradicating ‘Fake News’ from users News Feeds. It makes it easier to combat this problem with less and less users seeing these updates. This algorithm change is potentially taking Facebook back to the days of wall posts and status updates.

However, for those users who still want to see the content posted from their favourite brands and publishers all is not lost. There are options under the News Feed tab on Facebook that will allow users to prioritise the pages and friends whose posts they are most interested in. So there is some flexibility in still having your brand's content seen but it relies on the users actually choosing your brand.

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