5 Social Media Marketing Predictions For 2015

5 Social Media Marketing Predictions For 2015

Social Media is here to stay, whether we like it or not, and it holds a very important piece of the puzzle for the future of marketing. Of course, we cannot predict the future for certain but we can have fun trying, so we’ve compiled 5 predictions that we think hold a lot of weight for 2015. Sit back, relax and enjoy!  


Video has become increasingly popular as a tool within social media as it is easy to use and also to create. We’ve become lazy so sitting back with a cup of tea, whilst someone talks to you is much more appealing than reading… The benefit of video is that more information can be delivered to the viewer with less effort, making it a very popular choice. Video allows you to build a connection with your audience, as it is more personal and generally users are likely to return for more. Videos allow visual learners (a large percentage of our population) to connect and understand better whereas static text is less visually appealing and entertaining. 5 Social Media Predictions for the Year Ahead How could you apply this to your business? You need to know your audience and the only way to do that is to experiment with your content, such as making promotional videos, informative vlogs with professional advice for your prospective audience and to track how these methods work. Sites like YouTube provide detailed analytics that make the number of people that have viewed and commented on your videos easy to track. After a couple of months it will be very clear what works and what doesn’t.  

Social Media Purchasing

Most people now are permanently connected to the Internet via a smart device. As of June 2014, 7 out of 10 people owned a smartphone in the United Kingdom. This allows people to keep up with current 5 Social Media Predictions for the Year Aheadnews as well as combatting boredom and unsurprisingly enough, most of this is through social media. Social media gives people access to direct mobile actions, with instant notifications allowing for quicker replies and a faster turn around for companies. 2015 will enhance this; as more people start to use social media for purchasing. Now that social media has more advanced security features, users are becoming a lot more trusting. This build up of trust and improvements in security will mean that businesses will find ways to sell via social media. Why is this important? It is important because it will allow you to manage and enhance your sales techniques. After all, it makes sense to target sales via social media, as most people remain connected for a large portion of the working day, making it more likely they will see your materials.  

Tech innovation

The tech world can be unpredictable and is ever changing: new products are arriving all the time that make it easier for people to connect online. This can be software or hardware: and you have to stay relatively up-to-date with both in order to compete. Innovative technology in 2015 will allow intuitive engagement for users. Users will be much more willing to use websites over others if they are interactive and can be navigated on all platforms as well as fully integrated with the latest social media. 5 Social Media Predictions for the Year AheadWebsites like these simply force users to look elsewhere for the information they need, and in 2015 tolerance for old websites will be at an all time low. Avoid making this mistake by investing in a responsive design website compatible with up to date browsers. (Read about responsive design here). As long as you stay up to date with the latest developments in technology, you will not fall behind and your business will continue to thrive. If not, technology may just be your downfall.  

Visual Content

5 Social Media Predictions for the Year Ahead Visual content gets 94% more reach compared to text based content. So are you utilizing visual content effectively for your business? Visual content is popular because it is easier to view and much like video, people are looking for quick information. Sites such as Instagram have rocketed to the top of the social media table because it takes significantly less effort to look at a photo with a small caption. Visual content is also more likely to be shared. Visual content will give your business a more professional look and feel whilst people are navigating your site, and also make it easy for viewers to absorb information. If you keep your visual posts informative, interesting and creative: we predict that in 2015 your engagement and interactivity will increase significantly.  


In the last few years people have been asked to give out more information about themselves, in the form of booking forms, competitions and more. In 2015, we expect this trend to change. As people become more aware of changing data protection laws and the risk of their data falling into others hands, they will choose to become more anonymous online. 5 Social Media Predictions for the Year AheadPeople like to feel in control of the information they are sharing. People like to post anonymously from fear of, bullying, fraud and hate messages. This is perfectly understandable; protecting yourself is basic human instinct and it applies to the internet too. As we move into 2015 we think people will become more selective about how they share their data. Companies that sell on or ‘share’ data without permission or knowledge will be under closer scrutiny. As a business interacting over social media be transparent, honest and upfront, customers will begin to trust you and therefore be prepared to give you more of their personal data. What do you think about these marketing trends and do you have any that we didn’t feature? Lets us know in the comments below. Until then, make sure you subscribe to the blog or visit our website for more design, technology and marketing articles: and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram