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Snapchat Glasses

Following the recently publicised rivalry between the social media giants, Snapchat and Instagram (see earlier blog post), Snapchat is really taking the lead and seizing the opportunity to rethink the company strategy and have a rebrand.  Snapchat is adapting its overall strategy to increase its presence in this highly competitive market, with the intention to really up its game with the company releasing a pair of brightly coloured sunglasses with a built in camera

These sunglasses enable the user to record videos up to 10 seconds long, which can be shared automatically with selected friends  - much like the phone app. This retro style gadget is a similar product to the Google glasses wearable app launched a few years ago, however Snap has opted for a more simple and cost effective model, priced at around $130. In contrast to the Google glasses, the battery life is designed to last a whole day and video footage can be viewed in any orientation. 

Much like a traditional video recorder, the front of the glasses will shine a light when recording is taking place. 

CEO Evan Spiegel, has referred to the glasses as a ‘toy' but also believes that they will encourage their 150 million daily users to look out at the world, rather than constantly staring at their phone screens - "like a wall in front of your face".

This is another example of the ceaseless innovation and influence of the world of social media in today’s society. The glasses and other digital tech are being used to record consumer behaviour enabling companies to understand how people behave in real life. So, not only do they have the fun value, they also have massive potential for companies to understand their customers and gain competitive advantage.

The glasses are predicted to be the next ‘big thing’ amongst the Snapchat key target audiences; those in their teens and early 20's. Time will tell whether or not these will actually be a hit but who knows, if they are successful, the glasses could trigger further developments or advances in the world of virtual and augmented reality. Watch this space! 

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