Are the Day’s of Black Hat SEO Gone?

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Are the Day’s of Black Hat SEO Gone?

Whilst new channels, platforms and devices come and go, one tool that people have continued to use is good old Google, ensuring the SEO drum is banged hard by all businesses. Google search is our go-to and is part of everyday life. It’s a bit like TV; whilst it’s changing, it won’t go away anytime soon.

We all know that historically SEOs have looked to cheat Google with ‘black hat’ techniques. As an agency dealing in digital and SEO, we’ve heard it all in terms of churn and burn schemes clients have previously experienced! The good old white text on white background is a personal favourite!

As Google’s animal kingdom of search algorithms become smarter, the ability to cheat the crawlers, even for a short period of time, is becoming increasingly difficult. Not that we would advocate anything outside of Google’s ‘quality content’ push and all that it brings, but what could people possibly do now? Is black hat SEO dead?

If so, this is only a good thing. With the level of exposure around duplicate content, keyword stuffing, link farms and the rest, it’s pretty hard to ‘accidently’ conduct dodgy SEO practise. This is creating a level playing field, where all SEO work is honest and in line with Google’s policy to offer the most relevant results in search queries.  

The focus is quality content and what comes with it. But what that means is for another day…

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