The SEO Race: Don’t Lose Too Much Sleep Over It

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The SEO Race: Don’t Lose Too Much Sleep Over It

The importance of search engine optimisation cannot be stressed enough. There are plenty of stats to be reeled off around the number of web sessions starting with a search and the page one drop-off. Even those with little idea of what SEO is can appreciate its benefit, purely based on their own online behaviours.

With the value placed on search engine rankings, a whole generation of SEO experts have entered the workplace, constantly looking for any incremental gains that could propel them up a place or two in the continual race for search engine nirvana: page one, number one.

Somewhat amazingly from a marketing agency that provides SEO services, our stance is: don’t lose (too much) sleep over it. Instead of hunting down the smallest ranking factors in hope of success, focus on the absolute pillar: good quality content. The constant badgering on about Panda, Google’s content algorithm underlines how important it is. As Google essentially aims to produce the most relevant results in search listings, adding relevant and high-quality content to your site will validate that your website can provide the relevant information Google is looking for.

Highly respected support tool provider MOZ quite rightly summarised SEO as follows:

Create high-level, quality content for your websites, and you won’t have to worry about Pandas – MOZ

Of course there are SEO fundamentals to be satisfied such as heading tags and keyword density, plus emerging factors such as HTTPS and mobile responsiveness. But there’s so much ‘maybe’ and ‘possibly’ with SEO, people should give a bit more thought to what visitors will see when they land: the answer is content. And hopefully it’s good quality. It’s the most honest and sustainable form of optimisation, and doesn’t have a tendency to result in ranking penalisation like many churn and burn black-hat techniques.

So, SEO 101 from MAXX Design? Don’t lose too much sleep over exact v phrase match, or where your keyword features in the title. Publish great quality, relevant content that readers (and Google) want to see, and increased rankings won’t be far away.

If you need support around what makes great content with a search engine focus, we’d love to talk. You can visit us on social media via @MAXXDesign, Facebook or LinkedIn, or email us at [email protected].