Print can give your school a competitive edge

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Print can give your school a competitive edge

With advanced mobile apps, snazzy websites and social media marketing available, are traditional printed materials really still a necessity for schools?

We say yes!

In the ultra-competitive arena of education, (as touched upon in a previous blog post), schools are required to go above and beyond to stand out amongst the crowd. However, due to our digitally obsessed world, this is becoming increasingly difficult, as schools can easily get lost in the crowd.

Having worked with countless schools over the years, we have found time and time again that providing a selection of top-notch printed marketing materials is one of the most effective ways to engage and inform potential students and their parents.

It gives schools the visibility they need, whilst helping them to remain in the minds of the reader, which can ultimately boost enrollment numbers.

And we don’t just mean a prospectus. Magazines, brochures, even branded envelopes, are all great tools for engaging potential and existing students and their parents.

Not only does it give readers an opportunity to unplug from technology and properly digest the marketing materials, it is also much more personal than other types of marketing. Compared to an email or social media post, for example, printed materials grab people’s attention and can even make them feel more valued, thus increasing the likelihood of gaining their long-term loyalty.  Did you know that 84% of people believe that they understand and can retain or use information much better when they read words on paper rather than online? (

And what’s more, it is a great way to build a reputation and credibility, as readers will be able to see the effort you’ve made to produce something extra special.

You never know, it could be the deciding factor on whether a parent chooses your school or not!

We have had the pleasure of producing a selection of printed materials for many leading independent schools in the country. Take a look at what we produced for Westminster School.

So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us today to discuss how we could work with you to create a selection of printed materials for your school that will blow the socks off the competition - [email protected]