Coldplay showing that print marketing can take you to ‘Paradise’

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Coldplay showing that print marketing can take you to ‘Paradise’

Despite the recent rise in Digital Marketing there is still very much a place for more traditional forms of print advertising, as proven by Coldplay’s recent campaign to promote their new album which ultimately went straight to number one.

The band, most commonly known for their songs Paradise, Viva la Vida and Fix You, announced their latest album tracks by placing adverts in classified sections of newspapers around the world. Starting close to home with local papers in north Wales and Devon, they announced they would release their new album – the first in four years –on 22nd November.

The print marketing campaign didn’t just stop with newspaper ads, it expanded into direct mail too. The band sent typewritten letters to a number of fans stating “For the last 100 years or thereabouts, we have been working on a thing called Everyday Life” it continued to explain how the band will release a double album, one half called ‘sunrise’ and the other half ‘sunset’.

While the campaign was delivered through print marketing, it gained a lot of immediate reaction online too. The newspaper cuttings and fan mail letters have been shared extensively on social media and mainstream news sites alike.

Digital marketing is growing every day. Social media and other online channels make it easy to believe that print marketing is slowly fading out. But here at MAXX, we strongly believe that print is still current and a great way to market your brand and business. Print and direct mail marketing are here to stay because they are trusted forms of marketing. Whether it be a brochure, flyer, direct mail piece or other – print marketing establishes credibility for your business.

The effect of print marketing lasts longer too. While social marketing and online channels do allow you to reach more people and connect with new users, it is important to note that they are most commonly temporary, as once prospects click away from the ad, they may never see it again. Online you have seconds to make a big impact. Print and direct mail marketing is more trusted and will often stay in the mind of the consumer for longer as it feels more personal and exits physically for future reference, if needed.

Furthermore, print marketing generates greater engagement. Research conducted by Canadian neuromarketing firm TrueImpact found that participants were much more likely to recall information when exposed to a direct mail piece (75%), in essence, engagement was higher and information better retained by consumers through printed media. Engagement is a key objective for marketing as increased engagement leads to increased sales turnover - which, after all, is ultimately what most products and services seek from a marketing campaign.

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