The power of partnerships

The power of partnerships

“We want to build a partnership”, “We aim to be an extension of your business” – you’ve heard it all before, and probably think it’s clichéd. That’s unfortunately because very few organisations set out to actually achieve a true partnership… but it is possible! When using these phrases make sure you believe it and most importantly, back it up. 

You cannot be a complete expert in every single area (as much as we all try!). To really work together in partnership, you need to harness the skills of others and they can in turn harness yours; Aristotle’s saying: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” comes to mind.

How does this help both parties?

So by just changing your mindset and being open-minded about how a partnership can work, you can start to add huge value to a relationship. For example, at MAXX, we are experts at marketing and clients are obviously the experts as far as their business is concerned; by bringing the two together in a real partnership, we don’t just offer a marketing service, we offer our expertise, honest opinions and support in order to work together to develop a strategy that is more likely to deliver results. As an effective working partnership, we may well be able to offer additional skills, working with our client, to attract new work for both parties.

When a real partnership is developed, there is more trust, transparency and investment by both parties.

Good results and the ability to demonstrate a clear ROI are critical to developing a trusted partnership. In order to achieve this, encourage your team members to be fully engaged with any organisation they work with thorough research, visits, training and strong communication. This enables them to truly become an ‘extension’ of the partner’s team; with ideas and feedback continually flowing between the two organisations, you are able to develop an efficient and effective relationship that maximises the chances of excellent results. 

Building partnerships should be a vital element of your approach

It makes complete sense to work in partnership with others who don’t just complement but augment your own skillset.  

Many businesses shy away from this type of approach out of fear that they could give away their secrets or lose a level of control with clients. At MAXX, we believe collaborations (when planned and managed effectively) can add tremendous strength to any business or campaign plus add limitless value to our clients, as we are able to offer a fully integrated offering.  

If you work with specialist partners for complex or industry-specific campaigns, you gain a competitive advantage because it not only improves your knowledge of the sector in which you are working, but it also increases your skillset to achieve the best results. 

What should you keep in mind when considering a partnership?

  • Do you share the same company values and quality of work? 

  • Do you share equal motivations for entering into a partnership? 

  • Is the partnership mutually beneficial? 

  • How will the relationship be managed and by whom? 

It is generally best to establish transparency from the outset so don’t hold onto information due to the fear that you could lose out somehow. The greater the flow of knowledge between the two organisations, the greater the benefit to the client.

If you are looking for a true partner to support your organisation in marketing, design, digital or video projects, pick up the phone and talk to us - if we can’t help you, we will most probably know someone in our partnership network who can!