Pharma marketing compliance – a headache resolved?

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Pharma marketing compliance – a headache resolved?

Britannia Pharmaceuticals needed a way to review and approve marketing materials quickly and efficiently whilst adhering to strict compliance rules and maintaining an audit trail. Britannia asked us to build a bespoke system that would deliver the functionality needed, whilst being easy to use by in-house staff and external compliance and medical experts.

The internal approval system MAXX created for Britannia, meant that work could be signed off through a controlled system in a quicker, easier and more robust environment. Evidence of compliance is available in a historical audit trail with printable certificates.

Many smaller and mid range pharmaceutical companies struggle with the existing compliance software available that is often complex and involves expensive licences. This system can be designed specifically to address the needs of each individual company and is simple to run in-house with little or no technical knowledge.

As compliance is such a major concern for the pharma industry, this can help to make everyone’s working day less stressful. Now that we are all talking about the importance of “closed loop” and integrated marketing – this is a tool that can help to oil the machine to run even more smoothly.

“Before our new internal approval system went live, we had to rely on print outs and passing the materials around our signatories desks. Now I just upload a file and I can see instantly who has reviewed the materials and chase those who haven’t – there’s no filing required either!  Thanks MAXX!”

Britannia Pharmaceuticals

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